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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7
Samsung gets hit over the head again by Apple and a German court

Remember that striking new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 that was unveiled just a few days ago at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, Germany? Well, Samsung has already pulled the promotional material and prototypes off the show floor.

SlashGear first noticed this yesterday, and a spokesman for Samsung simply stated, "Samsung has removed the Galaxy Tab 7.7 from our stand at IFA. We cannot make any further comment as we have not received an official statement from the court.” 

Bloomberg confirmed that a Dusseldorf court on Friday granted Apple's request to add the Galaxy Tab 7.7 to the list of banned Samsung devices in Germany. As a result, Samsung is forbidden from selling or marketing the Galaxy Tab 7.7 in that country.

“Samsung respects the court’s decision,” said Samsung spokesman James Chung to Bloomberg. He went on to add that Apple's actions in this matter “severely limits consumer choice in Germany.” 

As its name implies, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 features a 7.7" Super AMOLED display with a 1280x800 resolution. The tablet also packs a 5,100 mAh battery, 1.4GHz dual-core processor, up to 64GB of storage, microSD slot, 802.11n, Bluetooth 3.0, rear- and front-facing cameras, and GPS. 

A court injunction in early August weighed heavily in Apple's favor, as it banned all sales and marketing of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the European Union. That ruling was largely scaled back, however, and was limited to just Germany (the Dusseldorf court did not have the authority to expand it's ban hammer to other entities in the European Union).

Outside of the European Union, Apple has also succeeded in preventing the sales and marketing of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia. Samsung later decided to give up fighting the injunction and will instead wait until a final ruling is handled down on September 26 regarding its fate in the country. 

Apple is on the warpath when it comes to protecting the sales of its cash cow iPad. Using rather "diplomatic" language, the Cupertino, California-based company in an April lawsuit chided Samsung; "Rather than innovate and develop its own technology and a unique Samsung style for its smartphone products and computer tablets, Samsung chose to copy Apple's technology, user interface and innovative style in these infringing products."

Apple delivered an even more snarky statement to journalist Ina Fried expressing its frustration with Samsung's "copy machine". "It’s no coincidence that Samsung’s latest products look a lot like the iPhone and iPad, from the shape of the hardware to the user interface and even the packaging. This kind of blatant copying is wrong, and we need to protect Apple’s intellectual property when companies steal our ideas.”

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RE: Ridiculous...
By sprockkets on 9/4/2011 5:10:40 PM , Rating: 2
But at least here in the US and abroad (not sure since Samsung's reputation in Korea is quite different) Samsung isn't a douchebag like apple who cares.

Remember when the Motorola CEO or high up called them "Samesung" for copying their Q smartphone with the Blackjack? Aside from that, nothing else happened. No lawsuits, no patent war, nothing.

This is why we hate Apple. And why they can GF themselves.

RE: Ridiculous...
By Kiffberet on 9/5/11, Rating: 0
RE: Ridiculous...
By sprockkets on 9/5/2011 12:59:59 PM , Rating: 2
I can bet you $100 you have no idea how a microsoft tablet works, because if you did, all the BS about people saying "it wasn't a tablet OS from the ground up" would make no sense.

RE: Ridiculous...
By thetruth81 on 9/6/2011 11:44:39 AM , Rating: 2
I have use a microsoft tablet and it was a dog. It was a heavy operating system on a lite processor. The battery life sucked and it dragged everytime I did anything on it. The problem is not the hardware but that software lagged. If windows would of pushed a lite operating system on the hardware, it might of actually caught on before apple came out with the Ipad. Have you notice there are still not any major tablets with a windows operating system.

RE: Ridiculous...
By nocturne_81 on 9/5/2011 2:57:04 PM , Rating: 4
I will give you one fact -- all apple products are impeccably designed from the ground up, with a very high level of build quality (poisonous plastics aside). But to say that they got there first (in any context) is simply wrong.

To most of you, it seems you had no idea what a smartphone was prior to the iPhone or Android releases -- and choose to ignore a decade of prior development on windows mobile (the OS that made HTC) and symbian. There were a lot of incredible devices (I still have a few), but they were simply too complicated for most users, who weren't capable of loading custom roms and finding obscure apps on the net. What iOS/Android really did was change the smartphone into a service instead of a product -- using it as a platform to sell all sorts of content, making smartphones finally profitable.

And tablets are nothing new, either.. Every PC manufacturer has been coming out with a prototype every few years since the mid 90s -- some were really incredible, though most never made it to market, and those that did were a bit out of most people's reach at around $2k apiece. People just couldn't justify paying twice as much for half a notebook with half the power and capability.

Put an iPhone next to a Galaxy S, or an iPad next to a Galaxy tab... I'm sorry, there's just no comparison. Besides the slightly more solid feel of the iPhone, the Galaxy series trumps it in simply every which way.

RE: Ridiculous...
By TEAMSWITCHER on 9/5/11, Rating: -1
RE: Ridiculous...
By amanojaku on 9/5/2011 11:45:43 AM , Rating: 5

Telautograph - Elisha Gray, 1888
Electronic capture of handwriting using a stylus

Controller - H.E. Goldberg, 1915
Handwriting recognition using a stylus

Telautograph System - H.C. Moodey, 1942
Touchscreen for handwriting input

PenPad - Pencept, 1982
MS-DOS PC operated by handwriting and gesture recognition

PenPoint OS - GO Corporation, 1991
An early dedicated tablet/PDA OS with handwriting and gesture recognition,2817,1161457,

I won't bother to list the components, like the ARM CPUs or capacitive touchscreens. Or the tablets that blazed the trail, like the PaceBlade. I will ask the question "what did Apple invent?" Multi-touch!!!

Oh, but wait, Steve is a f---ing liar. Apple ACQUIRED multi-touch from the purchase of Fingerworks a year before the iPhone release. And, it doesn't matter, anyway:

Digital Desk - Piere Wellner, 1991


Multi-Touch Sensing - J. Han, 1995
Multi-Touch Sensing through Frustrated Total Internal Reflection

"We don't know how to make a $500 computer that's not a piece of junk." -- Apple CEO Steve Jobs

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