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Instagram filters  (Source: NYT)
Sources claim feature is ready, but Zuckerberg wants more filters before launch

Facebook is always tweaking and unveiling new features to lure more users and encourage them to use the social network more. One of the most common activities for users of the network is the sharing of photos and video on the site. One thing that is lacking on Facebook are filters to change those photos, but that will soon change.

Facebook is planning to add a 
series of filters to its mobile application in the coming months to compete with Instagram according to unnamed engineers on the project. The NYT reports that the filters feature has been ready for a while now. However, CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg has put the launch on hold until the engineers working on the project can get more filters ready for the service according to the source.

According to those engineers on the project, Facebook will roll the features out with almost a dozen photo filters. Some of them will reportedly be similar to the old-fashioned looking filters that are popular with Instagram users. These filters make the photos look like grainy film and like they were shot with old lenses. The last new feature Facebook added was the new 
chat service.

One of the engineers that leaked the details on the filters also said that Facebook tried to buy Instagram over the summer, but wasn't able to complete the deal. The NYT reports that Instagram offered no comment on the rumor. Facebook also offered no official comment. Apparently, Apple will also be integrating photo filters directly into the next version of iOS according to code found in the upcoming release. Instagram itself now has eight million users and has recently raised $7 million in funding for expansion. Why exactly Facebook was unable to purchase Instagram is unknown.

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RE: I Wonder...
By kleinma on 9/2/2011 3:21:18 PM , Rating: 2
Yes you are most certainly paranoid.

The question really is why would the govt care about you or what you are doing? Especially with regards to something that would require them matching your face from a surveillance footage to a facebook profile. Unless of course you are doing something illegal and the govt wants to find you because of that. Then you are still paranoid, but it is at least justified paranoia ;)

RE: I Wonder...
By Fritzr on 9/6/2011 1:31:51 PM , Rating: 2
A lot of the government datamining has nothing to do with illegal activities. It is preemptive data gathering just in case they decide in the future that they don't like you.

Tinfoil hat time...maybe

For a look at the tip of the iceberg, look into the news stories about the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover and the activities of the Senate and House investigating "UnAmerican Activities". Don't think it was limited to these two examples or has been ended. Recent news on various intelligence agencies being granted the privilege of ignoring US law shows that it is continuing and has probably been expanded in scope as modern datamining tech allows them to access much larger amounts of data without being buried in trivialities.

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