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Engineers at Nintendo are reportedly working on the second circle pad peripheral as we speak, and the new 3DS system will "tone down" the 3D features

Nintendo's 3DS has had a rocky start since its launch in March 2011. Sales were nothing short of unimpressive, and Nintendo President Satoru Iwata even noted that a poor launch lineup was to blame. 

Only four months after the 3DS' release, Nintendo reported poor first-quarter earnings and believed the disappointing 3DS sales were partially the problem. To remedy this, Nintendo slashed the portable system's price from $249.99 to $169.99 starting August 12. 

The plan worked. Nintendo 3DS sales skyrocketed in Japan, selling 215,000 units between August 8 and 14. This was a victory for Nintendo, considering the fact that only 109,000 3DS units were sold in Japan through the entire month of May in comparison.

Now, Nintendo is keeping its focus on how to continue improving the handheld, and will do so through two new announcements: an external second circle pad add-on, and a completely new model due in 2012.

According to French site 01Net, Nintendo is developing a detachable second circle pad for the 3DS. Nintendo reportedly regretted not having two analogue sticks included in the system's launch in March, and said that the production of the 3DS was "rushed" in order to beat the PlayStation Vita. 

Engineers at Nintendo are working on the peripheral as we speak, and will sell for approximately $10. In addition, developers are working on titles to suit the add-on. 

While it is unclear when the attachment will be available, the report did know of a new 3DS system available in 2012. The new system may not even be a "3DS" anymore, since it will supposedly "tone down" the 3D features significantly. 

But before Nintendo launches another system, it needs to focus on an issue with its dev kits, according to 01Net. Third parties are becoming frustrated with Nintendo because it is only making 300 kits per month, and there is an extensive waiting list.

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RE: Weak Lineup?!
By The Raven on 8/25/2011 11:11:57 AM , Rating: 2
In your efforts to be right in your own sense

How about in the sense of others...
Same month and the DS outsold (by blowout) the 3DS. That was the voice of millions of consumers saying that they want a "cheap" portable. You guys act like people stopped buying DSs.
History has already shown that releasing a system without the games is just a no-no (See Sega).
You mean like the Wii? Unless you consider Wii Sports to be a killer app. Sometimes there is no rhyme nor reason why a console lives or dies. But in this case the evidence is overwhelming that it is price.

Potential is another thing that people will buy consoles for sometimes. That is one reason I bought my DS Lite and it was why I bought a Wii. Neither lived up to the fullness of my expectations (yet) but I have no remorse luckily. As for the 3DS, there isn't any more potential for great games than there is for the DS. If enough people invest in the console, the games will come since publishers want the biggest piece of pie. See Wii sales.
Yea, you're right you can play older titles on it but that's not people who want to buy the new system want to use it for mainly. They want the new games as well.

These "backward compatible" games are as new as any 3DS game. They are still making DS games. So there are your new games.

Look at it this way. The 3DS is like the Kinect. Except there is no difference in gameplay. With the Kinect at least you gain motion control. There is a reason for buying it and you don't have to buy a new 360 to use it. Are there "awesome" Kinect games? From what I hear, no. But it sold like hotcakes.

Buying the 3DS is essentially like buying a Kinect that requires a new 360 but the only difference is that instead of motion control all you get is some hokey 3D effect. No thanks.
You're both right, you're just wanting to see the other side of the business spectrum.
Well it doesn't really matter to anyone unless Iwata (or some other future gaming mogul is reading this) but we can't both be right if we are arguing over why the 3DS tanked. I say the price was too high. And they are essentially saying that Nintendo should've tried to copy the PSP.

Speaking of which, I am looking forward to the new PSP and think it has quite a bit of potential and it would be a nice upgrade to my DS. But I am not the average consumer and will not project my personal preference onto the average consumer. I'm guessing it will sell similarly to the PSP. But what I am saying here is that all things being equal, it will not sell DS numbers unless it is at a sub $180ish price point.

RE: Weak Lineup?!
By someguy123 on 8/25/2011 6:07:03 PM , Rating: 2
You're ignoring the fact that you can simply buy a cheaper, and longer battery-life DS to play DS games.

I'm not sure why the idea that software exclusive to the 3DS would help boost sales is that outrageous to you. Microsoft's entire initial campaign for the 360 was exclusivity, which seems to have worked out very well for them.

People need a reason to buy the 3DS. A game for a cheaper handheld is not a good reason, regardless of backwards compatibility, especially when battery life is worse.

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