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Engineers at Nintendo are reportedly working on the second circle pad peripheral as we speak, and the new 3DS system will "tone down" the 3D features

Nintendo's 3DS has had a rocky start since its launch in March 2011. Sales were nothing short of unimpressive, and Nintendo President Satoru Iwata even noted that a poor launch lineup was to blame. 

Only four months after the 3DS' release, Nintendo reported poor first-quarter earnings and believed the disappointing 3DS sales were partially the problem. To remedy this, Nintendo slashed the portable system's price from $249.99 to $169.99 starting August 12. 

The plan worked. Nintendo 3DS sales skyrocketed in Japan, selling 215,000 units between August 8 and 14. This was a victory for Nintendo, considering the fact that only 109,000 3DS units were sold in Japan through the entire month of May in comparison.

Now, Nintendo is keeping its focus on how to continue improving the handheld, and will do so through two new announcements: an external second circle pad add-on, and a completely new model due in 2012.

According to French site 01Net, Nintendo is developing a detachable second circle pad for the 3DS. Nintendo reportedly regretted not having two analogue sticks included in the system's launch in March, and said that the production of the 3DS was "rushed" in order to beat the PlayStation Vita. 

Engineers at Nintendo are working on the peripheral as we speak, and will sell for approximately $10. In addition, developers are working on titles to suit the add-on. 

While it is unclear when the attachment will be available, the report did know of a new 3DS system available in 2012. The new system may not even be a "3DS" anymore, since it will supposedly "tone down" the 3D features significantly. 

But before Nintendo launches another system, it needs to focus on an issue with its dev kits, according to 01Net. Third parties are becoming frustrated with Nintendo because it is only making 300 kits per month, and there is an extensive waiting list.

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RE: Weak Lineup?!
By The Raven on 8/24/2011 5:44:21 PM , Rating: 2
And I'm telling you that's one of the main reasons the ds sold well and one of the reasons why the 3DS sold poorly.
I don't think we are seeing eye to eye on this one. True or false: The 3DS is basically a DS that has a 3D view with some new games that utilize that view. If you say false then and see it as a completely different system then I might agree with you. But I see it as a weak gimmick that gives very little justification to upgrade or even choose the 3DS over other versions of the DS due to the price premium. Those great DS games that you mentioned are playable on all DSs.
trade-in deal
Seriously? That is worse than saying that you got it on sale. If you sell a DS for $50 to your buddy and then take that money to buy a 3DS for $250 --- you didn't just buy the 3DS for $200. You bought it for $250.
You seem really hung on the 3D being a gimmick
So you can play Diddy Kong Racing on a DS Lite or you can pay (after trade) $160 to see it in 3D as Pilotwings. I think I will keep my $160. How much better does the game have to be than Diddy Kong Racing for such a small difference in capability? They would have to reinvent the wheel of game software.

On the other hand if this was truly a new system with the ability to render games at higher resolutions and add the use of a Wiimote then I might buy that system and a new souped-up copy of Diddy Kong Racing eagerly because the payoff would be much better than just being able to play in 3D.

But as you mentioned this sort of thing is subject to opinion.
I'm just here to say that games was one of the main reasons why it got of to a bad start.
I do understand that if they would've come out with some killer app that everyone wanted exclusively for the 3DS then more people would've thrown their money down, but MY point is that look at the numbers and you see that it is the price that dissuaded people and not the game selection. Unless they also released some killer app at the same time as the price change, you are wrong that game selection was very important.

Look at it this way: were DSi sales crappy because of a weak launch lineup? (Which in that case would be downloadable titles and apps I guess.) No. it sold well because it was still in the sweet spot as far as price goes. The gimmick of the DSi was an after thought for consumers regardless if it was good or not. With the 3DS you had to think about if you really wanted the 3D function because the price was so damn high.

You said that I forgot games. I don't care about games and think they are irrelevant in this case. I see the price as the main inhibitor of sales. And according to the sales numbers, so do a lot of other people.

RE: Weak Lineup?!
By kvn7918 on 8/24/2011 6:41:16 PM , Rating: 2
Ok i'm pretty much saying that there is 2 reasons why it sold poorly at launch price and lack of games.Now that they adjusted the price sales are picking up and when they come out with more games sales will pick up even more.
Your understanding of the 3DS capabilities are way off.It is a new system with new hardware that can render at higher resolution than the DS,it's not a overclocked DS with 3D tacked on.And i think that's another reason and probably the main reason it sold poorly at that price,people just thought it was a DS with 3D and that's Nintendo s fault for not separating it from the DS.

RE: Weak Lineup?!
By The Raven on 8/25/2011 10:15:21 AM , Rating: 2
And i think that's another reason and probably the main reason it sold poorly at that price,people just thought it was a DS with 3D and that's Nintendo s fault for not separating it from the DS.
Wrong IMO. As an owner of 2 DS Lites, I picked up the 3DS at Target and BB, played Pilotwings and DOA. The graphics still looked like crap (which I don't care about) and I couldn't even stand the 3D feature for more than 2 minutes (though I think I like that thumb pad lol). The games were great, but I wasn't buying it at $250 for "processing power" or and a feature that I did not care to pay a premium for nor (as in my case) even will use.

The reason I have 2 DSs is because they were cheap and they were versatile. I wanted mine because of a Japanese dictionary and my wife wanted one so she could "pet" dogs with a stylus. Where is that added functionality/gameplay with features like "3D" or "added processing power"? Can Sonic run faster on a 3DS? Does Mario jump higher? No.

Again, the DS was never about visual performance. Nintendo focused on gameplay that appealed to a broad audience and that is why they "won" the first round vs. the PSP. Same with the Wii. And you can't appeal to a broad audience at $250 as is proven in the numbers.

RE: Weak Lineup?!
By someguy123 on 8/24/2011 7:03:32 PM , Rating: 2
Well, technically speaking the 3DS is a substantial jump in processing power from the DS. Developers worked around this and made some decent products with the sub n64 components, but it isn't nearly as powerful as the 3DS, which is slightly more powerful than the wii.

Clearly pricing is always an issue when it comes to mass market, but I think it is possible to introduce a premium handheld into the market IF you have software that justifies the price. The 3DS only had DS software backing it, and DS software is not up to 3DS's rendering capabilities, nor can they work with 3D, so while they did have quality software, it was more in support for purchasing a DSi/XL rather than a 3DS.

RE: Weak Lineup?!
By The Raven on 8/25/2011 9:50:41 AM , Rating: 2
Well, technically speaking the 3DS is a substantial jump in processing power from the DS. Developers worked around this and made some decent products with the sub n64 components, but it isn't nearly as powerful as the 3DS, which is slightly more powerful than the wii.
So if that's what people want there is a thing called the PSP that BTW has "killer apps". The DS was never about processing power or stunning graphics (which doesn't even matter on a 4 in screen). And that is my point. At $180ish or lower, the DS of any flavor will sell like hotcakes. Raise the price higher than that and you are asking people to really think about if they want to drop that money on their 8 y/o. Dangerous territory. And yes, if it was a magical device that had games called "Straight 'A's Guaranteed" every kid in the world would have one at any price. But it doesn't and it is just a game in the end.
Look at PSP sales (good games included) vs. DS sales. Which do you think is more important? Games or price?

This is what I'm saying. Yes software is always a factor as is the size and weight, but the price issue is king here as is manifest by the numbers (both new and historical).

Want more proof, look at Wii sales and 360 sales after MS dropped the price to Wii levels.

RE: Weak Lineup?!
By someguy123 on 8/25/2011 6:01:42 PM , Rating: 2
Reading through the thread you made it pretty clear that your point was there was no difference, when there clearly is a hardware difference, and that there was available software, when the software is clearly DS related, and thus more supportive of DS purchases, which are already and will continue to be cheaper, which would make the claim that the 3DS has an anemic lineup perfectly justified.

At this point I don't think you had a legitimate point to begin with and just wanted to rant about the launch price. the 3DS launch price was in line with the DS pricing in terms of cost to nintendo. their current price point requires subsidizing, which they claim they've never done before with hardware.

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