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Fire sale on HP Touch Pads is already live in Canada

Now this may be a hard deal for many to pass up, even though HP is discontinuing webOS and its hardware products. But HP will begin selling the 16GB TouchPad for $99 starting tomorrow. Likewise, the 32GB model will sell for just $50 more. 

According to the original poster, who happens to be a SlickDeals editor, we don't have any idea when the deal will start tomorrow in the U.S., but keep your eyes open and watch out for HP's server to catch on fire as people rush to purchase $99 tablets.

And for those that doubt the price cut, Future Shop (a Canadian subsidiary of Best Buy) has already dropped their price to $99. So for our Canadian readers out there, have fun while everyone in the U.S. waits for the sale to come online.

Updated @ 8:23pm EST

PreCentral grabbed a memo that HP sent to its affiliates which confirms the deal:

HP will be lowering the price of the TouchPad beginning Saturday 8/20/11. This is the lowest price ever for the TouchPad so please post it as soon as it goes live.

16GB TouchPad- $99; 32GB TouchPad - $149

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Cheapest Honeycomb tablet ever
By XSpeedracerX on 8/20/2011 2:25:20 AM , Rating: 1
Once google releases the code for honeycomb (probably after ICS gets here), xda will slap it on here. Guaranteed. Mark my words people. This thing is basically cutting edge hardware at shitty chinese tablet prices. Once honeycomb gets hacked on here, that plus the firesale price which can only go down from here now will make this an unbeatable alternative.

If I were running HP, I would have cut down the hardware a bit (maybe a single core instead of a dual, and half the ram) and undercut the iPad by about $150-200. "It has issues, but a its a good value tablet." The reviewers would have chirped, giving the software engineers plenty of time to fix webOS's issues while the low price brings in new customers and attracts devs to the nascent platform.

RE: Cheapest Honeycomb tablet ever
By Solandri on 8/20/2011 7:10:04 PM , Rating: 2
I've maintained since before the iPad came out that sub-$200 is the sweet spot for these devices. Maybe $250 for businesses. If a manufacturer can figure out how to make a decent tablet and sell it at that price profitably, their sales volume is going to make the iPad look like the 5% share Apple currently has of the PC market.

At $499, you end up comparing these things to laptops. But at $199 or less, you start to think of all sorts of new ways you can use these. Put it in a zip-lock bag and watch TV (hulu) while you shower. Place it on the table (on its charger) as a digital picture frame, which doubles as a web/email browser when you want. Rip some DVDs, hang it behind one of the car seats for the kids instead of paying $300+ for a car DVD system. etc. A $499 tablet is something you'll baby and protect and take with you because you paid so much for it. A $100-$199 tablet is something you won't be afraid to use and abuse, and can leave lying around the house without feeling guilty about wasted money.

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