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AT&T USBConnect Momentum 4G
AT&T gets the LTE ball rolling

AT&T may be in the news recently for controversy surrounding its impending acquisition of T-Mobile, but the company today revealed that its first LTE/HSPA+ devices would be hitting store shelves next week.

The USBConnect Momentum 4G is a USB dongle that users can plug into a free port to access AT&T's burgeoning LTE network. As its name implies, the accompanying Mobile Hotspot Elevate 4G is a standalone LTE device that will broadcast to up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices. 

In addition, the already available USBConnect Adrenaline -- which has a software-disabled LTE chipset onboard -- will get a firmware update on August 26 to allow it to access AT&T's LTE network.

LTE plans will be priced at $50 for 5GB of data. Users who go over their 5GB monthly allotment will pay $10 for each additional gigabyte of data used.

AT&T plans to launch its LTE service this summer in five cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Until those cities get "lit up" with LTE, customers will have to rely on AT&T's existing HSPA+ "4G" network.

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AT&T has...
By dxf2891 on 8/16/2011 2:32:03 PM , Rating: 3
made me a Sprint customer. I had a customer service rep say to me "If you don't like the service, leave." I did. Yesterday I received the obligatory "We miss you, why did you leave call." I played the game until they asked if I had any questions (signing up for all the bells and whistles and top tier plans along the way), to which I replied, "Why wasn't I offered this when I was a customer?" The rep replied, "I don't know." To which I said, "That is why I left your company and will never be a customer again." And then I hung up the phone.

RE: AT&T has...
By theArchMichael on 8/16/2011 3:13:43 PM , Rating: 2
I'm not sure I like the design of the aircard and thought it would be slimmer and more low profile since AT&T plans to use it to b*ttf**k all their customers once they've completed their venture to eradicate competition in the marketplace.

RE: AT&T has...
By inperfectdarkness on 8/17/2011 9:45:53 PM , Rating: 2
their DSL service was bad enough. i couldn't ever suffer through cellular crap.

thick or thin, i've been a sprint customer for 10 years. if current trends keep up, sprint will be gaining a DELUGE of customers bled off from the other two big companies. sprint with >40% market-share in <5 years? yes, i think so.

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