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What good is a high-definition picture without the high-definition sound?

Pioneer Electronics will be offering a specially designed audio solution for owners of Microsoft's latest console gaming system.

Pioneer's HTP-XGS1 is a 5.1 channel surround sound system custom designed for the XBOX 360 console. It has a total power output of 600W through 5 satellite speakers: front left/right, center, and rear left/right, plus a subwoofer for bass. The system has 2 optical inputs, 1 coaxial, an analog input for audio and an AM/FM tuner.

The system features internal calibration to perfect the sound output in any setting and has a separate display to show information about what the use is controlling. The entire system is controlled by a remote which also works with the gaming console and is designed to match the look of the XBOX 360 console.

Pricing on the HTP-XGS1 is expected to be set at around $500 this coming June. Pioneer has always been a key player in the home theater market namely with its Elite brand of audio/video equipment. Owners of the XBOX 360 console should be tempted at a fairly priced, if not affordable, high powered audio system such as Pioneer's offering.

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RE: Great...
By PurdueRy on 5/11/2006 12:47:17 AM , Rating: 2
Let me add to that though that MCACC is good. When I was deciding on a receiver it was between the HK 435, the Pioneer 1015 and the Denon 2105. I went with the HK but both the others would have been excellent choices too!

When I read that internal calibration I assumed the meant just standard settings. After reading through the article is seems to be the same MCACC system. I am not sure how effective it will be with speakers that look pretty limited. I would rather have seen them spend money and improve the quality of the speakers rather than use EQ'ing and autosetup to try and make it better.

RE: Great...
By Knish on 5/11/2006 2:11:35 AM , Rating: 2
Denon for life

RE: Great...
By Cunthor01 on 5/11/2006 3:20:30 AM , Rating: 2

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