May 15 will bring us an eight pipe 90nm GeForce

On Monday of next week, NVIDIA will announce the new GeForce 7300GT graphics card.  This card is a 90nm G73 based GeForce 7600GS with one quad disabled and a lower core clock.  Thus the ASIC will have a 350MHz core clock with 8 total pixels per clock.  While this is very similar to the NVIDIA 7300GS, the 7300GT will still retain the 128-bit memory interface. The G72 ASIC only features 4 pixels per clock as well, so the 7300GT will surely hold the performance crown on the low end for some time.

Like other recent GeForce capable cards, the 7300GT is SLI-ready with the Detonator 90 series drivers.  The 7300GT will not need an SLI bridge in order to get the full performance of SLI.  PureVideo is also alive and well on the 7300GT.

Some online merchants in the US already had the GeForce 7300GT for sale.  MWave has a 128MB version of the card available for $63 USD.  A 256MB version of the card will also be available from most tier two NVIDIA partners.  Interestingly enough, at $63 the GeForce 7300GT is cheaper than the G72 based 7300GS and 7300LE.

Update 10/05/06: Reader ET warns us that the $63 Gigabyte GeForce 7300GT is actually a horribly mislabeled GeForce 7300GS on Mwave's behalf.  Buyer beware!

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