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Automakers want less stringent standards on work trucks
Michigan still says proposed CAFE standards will cost jobs

Talks between the automotive industry and Washington continue as both sides try to come to an agreement that sees the environmentalists in Washington and the Obama administration happy with the CAFE standards over the coming years. The automakers are fighting for what they consider a more realistic level of improvement in fuel economy they need to build into cars each year.

Delegations from Michigan where much of the automotive industry calls home have raised concerns about the Obama administration's efforts to come to an agreement. The delegation from Michigan wrote a letter to Washington claiming that the proposed fuel economy standards aren't feasible. Automakers fear that the costs of implementing the fuel economy increases will add enough to vehicle prices to decrease sales and thereby force job cuts in the automotive industry.

The letter written by the Michigan delegation said, "With the Michigan unemployment rate standing at 10.5 percent, we are unanimous in our concern about the consequences of an excessive proposal, and we urge you to continue to work closely with U.S. manufacturers who have the most at stake." The letter continued, "[Congress has urged the White House to] sit down promptly and at one time with all three domestic auto manufacturers and the United Auto Workers to work through an acceptable solution."

So far, there has been no agreement between the two parties. The proposed fleet standard for 2025 is 56.2 mpg working out to about a 5% increase in fuel economy each year from now until 2025. The Obama administration figures that the cost of the tech needed to reach that kind of fuel economy will add about $2,100 to the cost of each new vehicle. That number has been greatly contested.

Washington already took a step back from the new fuel economy standards and the increase of 5% in fuel economy each year on light trucks by agreeing to hold trucks and SUVs to only 3.5% increase each year from 2017 to 2021. Washington and automakers are also trying to hammer out a deal on work trucks that would see less stringent standards.

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By 225commander on 7/25/2011 1:01:49 PM , Rating: 2
A lot of "work" trucks are hugely overpowered so just scaling back a little will bring fuel savings.

OK, maybe in Denmark, but here in the US not so much. We haul and tow a lot of gear, daily. Hit the highways and roads and see the myriad of 'Work Trucks' with all kinds of stuff slung onto them, double stack work boxes stuffed with heavy power tools, farm equipment, welding machines, man lifts, car totes, etc.

Here's the thing, merely 'scaling down' the 'power' will most certainly *not* reduce fuel consumption alone. Read all the articles with people talking about how their corvette gets 30+mpg at 75mph with over 400HP, my personal VW passat (porkly 3,450lbs whip, V6 200HP 5spd)gets 32mpg at 75mph (at sea level), and the newly announced Scion econo-box at 95ish HP gets 35ish combined?

MPG is a function of engine LOAD, i.e. a small engine may *not* necc get better MPG than the same vehicle with a larger displacemnt engine b/c it is working harder to move that vehicle along(injector duty cycle is higher ) vs a bigger engine 'loafing along'. Plus underpowered 'work tucks' don't 'work' here, tell me the last time you saw a Toyota tacoma, Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, etc doing anything resembling 'Work Truck' type uses.

By BadAcid on 7/25/2011 2:25:02 PM , Rating: 2
It's just more of the "federal government," a.k.a. the East and West coasts, trying to dictate what's best for the rest of the country without having any knowledge of how things really work.

Just look at how they try to deal with Arizona and immigration laws. It's so easy for them to say it's not a problem from Washington D.C., but to hell if it was ever in their backyard.

By Nfarce on 7/25/2011 6:30:05 PM , Rating: 1
Of course by you saying that, you'll be labeled a xenophobe, hater, racist, teabagger...

By Starcub on 7/25/2011 11:45:53 PM , Rating: 2
It's just more of the "federal government," a.k.a. the East and West coasts, trying to dictate what's best for the rest of the country without having any knowledge of how things really work.

You mean like the industry execs?

They should have let them die, instead they fed the troll, and likely will again.

"Well, there may be a reason why they call them 'Mac' trucks! Windows machines will not be trucks." -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

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