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Hackers say they "are not scared anymore"

Hacker groups LulzSec and Anonymous have made their point clear: they can infiltrate pretty much any government/corporate system they choose, and can cause plenty of chaos while doing so. In 2011 alone, Sony,, PBS, NATO,, the Arizona Police Department, the CIA, News Corp., Bank of America and many more were hacked by the two groups.

Just this week, the FBI arrested 16 alleged members who were associated with some of the cyber attacks. Fourteen were responsible for the attack against PayPal last December, while the fifteenth person was arrested on charges associated with the intrusion of computer systems at InfraGard and the sixteenth had allegedly downloaded thousands of documents related to AT&T's LTE broadband network and 4G data network. Those arrested ranged from ages 20 to 42, and were located in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, California, Florida, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Nevada, Washington D.C. and Ohio.

When these arrests were made, the FBI's Deputy Assistant Director Steven Chabinsky told NPR that this victory for the FBI sends "a message that chaos on the Internet is unacceptable." Hackers responded with the following message:

We are not scared any more. Your threats to arrest us are meaningless to us as you cannot arrest an idea. Any attempt to do so will make your citizens more angry until they will roar in one gigantic choir. It is our mission to help these people and there is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- you can possibly do to make us stop.

The message didn't end there. Anonymous also added that governments and corporations are the real enemy, and even listed why.

Now let us be clear here, Mr. Chabinsky, while we understand that you and your colleagues may find breaking into websites unacceptable, let us tell you what WE find unacceptable:
    • Governments lying to their citizens and inducing fear and terror to keep them in control by dismantling their freedom piece by piece.
    • Corporations aiding and conspiring with said governments while taking advantage at the same time by collecting billions of funds for federal contracts we all know they can't fulfill.
    • Lobby conglomerates who only follow their agenda to push the profits higher, while at the same time being deeply involved in governments around the world with the only goal to infiltrate and corrupt them enough so the status quo will never change.
Chabinsky noted in the NPR interview that LulzSec and Anonymous' activities, no matter the reason, could put citizens in danger of terrorists or organized crime groups caught a glimpse of the government documents the hacker groups leak online.

"There has not been a large-scale trend toward using hacking to actually destroy websites, [but] that could be appealing to both criminals or terrorists," said Chabinsky. "That's where 'hacktivism,' even if currently viewed by some as a nuisance, shows the potential to be destabilizing."

LulzSec tweeted a similar message to Anonymous' on July 21, with a quirky twist:

"Arresting people won't stop us, FBI," said LulzSec's tweet. "We will only cease fire when you all wear shoes on your heads. That's the only way this is ending."

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RE: This will not end well...
By tng on 7/22/2011 5:43:06 PM , Rating: 2
And if you truly want companies/governments to start behaving (or at least not leaving a record wake of poor behavior), you need them to fear doing so.

Wow, do you really think that most governments care what it's citizens think? Sure they don't want to have info come out that may make them look bad, but in the end, they wont care, and the idiots in their own districts will vote them in again.

This may offend some people here, I know it seemed to last time I said it, but the only way to change the government of most countries and get rid of the corruption is at the end of a gun....That includes the US IMO.

Really, where do all you feel good, think I can change the world via a keyboard people come from anyhow? Think that the people in Libya or Egypt are pushing for their rights with DDOS attacks? Think that would have been a lesson for all of us over here, but I guess not.

Get used to the fact that the Human race is mean, ugly and generally not aesthetically pleasing.

RE: This will not end well...
By guffwd13 on 7/22/2011 5:56:00 PM , Rating: 2
I actually started my argument with how the government won't care. They people in the government who would are individuals who fear for their own job and power hence why congress is at its current impasse. Whichever side budges will lose their job come next election.

The world is ugly. What made you think that I thought otherwise? But guns are useless because people dying doesn't change anything. You can't remove corruption with a gun. People die. Big deal. As long as one person in this world hates another there will be corruption. And since hate is a human trait, well, you get the idea.

That's why Shakespeare said the pen is mightier than the sword. The keyboard is mightier than a gun because the keyboard can actually fire that gun remotely. The matrix exists and everything is plugged in.

RE: This will not end well...
By tng on 7/22/2011 6:14:01 PM , Rating: 2
Sorry, I think that you and I are missing each others point.

You think that change can be effected and corruption stopped or lessened at least via "the pen". I understand because I used to think that way as well.

I have come to the place where I think that will never happen. We have seen instances of corruption at the highest levels swept under the rug, and/or explained away only to be lost in the morass of the two party system.

The system needs to be overhauled and I think that the only way that will ever happen is if the people rise up and forcefully remove all the people in DC. Not just the elected politicians, but all of the government bureaucracy and the hundreds of thousands of people that work there, they all need to go home. Then people that can be trusted can reform the governemnt that will again serve the people and not the politicians/corporations.

It would be painful all around.

It would start out peaceful, but it would get ugly as politicians realized what was happening. Question is, would our military support the politicians or people?

RE: This will not end well...
By Abbie-Normal on 7/22/2011 6:30:37 PM , Rating: 2
Really, where do all you feel good, think I can change the world via a keyboard people come from anyhow? Think that the people in Libya or Egypt are pushing for their rights with DDOS attacks? Think that would have been a lesson for all of us over here, but I guess not.

Anonymous went after the Egyptian government for internet censorship; the government responded by shutting down the internet and the people took to the streets. These revolutions start at the keyboard.

RE: This will not end well...
By tng on 7/22/2011 8:51:41 PM , Rating: 2
So the Egyptian government shut down the internet, did Anonymous members go to the street and risk their lives? Don't think so, and you are giving them way to much credit.

I think that the President of Egypt that had been in office for what 21 years and his policies had something to do with it. The revolution was going to happen, there really is no proof that Anonymous had anything to do with starting it.

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