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Microsoft's executives have said there's essentially zero chance of seeing a Windows Phone 7 tablet.  (Source: Umang)

Windows Phone 7's "Metro" tiled theme is coming to Windows 8, though, which will be Microsoft's tablet OS of choice.  (Source: Microsoft)
Company is determined to push Windows 8 as the tablet solution of choice

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RE: i don't get it...
By Samus on 7/13/2011 1:56:36 PM , Rating: 1
what does windows phone 7 have that windows 8 doesn't have?


But I agree, if WP7 looks like Windows 8, why not just release the ready OS and capitalize on the tablet market while its still hot...because it already appears to be slowing down. It's not like the average consumer is going to 'know' or 'feel' a difference between WP7 and W8, unless Microsoft is keeping something secret, such as lack of app compatibility (ohh the horror)

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