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Nokia C7  (Source: Nokia)
Too little too late?

Nokia is still one of the largest makers of mobile phones in the world, but in the all important smartphone and high-end handset market where profits are higher, the company is lacking. Nokia is seeing may users migrate from its smartphones to the iPhone and Android-based smartphones. The results for the company are low profits and sagging stock prices.

One of the ways that Nokia hopes to tempt new customers and keep exiting users from going to other brands is by cutting prices. Two industry sources are saying that Nokia has cut prices of its high-end smartphones in Europe. The sources claim direct knowledge of the pricing and say the cuts will be around 15%. The phones that will see price cuts are reportedly the N8, C7, and E6 devices.

Other devices may see smaller price cuts. One source Reuters cites is at a European telecom operator and the source said, "There are no very big cuts per model, but the scale -- across the portfolio -- is unseen for a very, very long time."

A 15% discount is not that much to an end user and even at the reduced price Nokia will have a hard time competing with the more popular Android and iOS devices on the market. Nokia stock prices tumbled on the news by 2% and Nokia insists that the cuts are "business as usual."

Analyst Carolina Milanesi at Gartner figures Nokia should cut prices on other handsets too. She said, "They should discount older products including the N8, the C7 and the C6, and ship the new ones at a very aggressive price too."

Nokia is not doing well and is looking to the Windows Phone 7 devices coming later this year to save its failing smartphone business. A "super-confidential" Windows Phone from Nokia was leaked late last month giving a glimpse at what Nokia has in store.

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By GulWestfale on 7/5/2011 10:35:59 PM , Rating: 2
i still have fond memories of my old sony M600... built like a brick, never failed me once, great call quality, a good (for the time) touchscreen, plenty of programs for it (no, no fart apps, but strangely enough i have never really wanted to buy one), superb battery life. i was SHOCKED when i got an iphone 3GS and the battery died on me after just a few hours of usage.

that said, nokia/sony have clearly missed the boat with symbian. their marketing simply sucks. in reality, there is nothing that other phones can do that symbian phones cannot do, and when you think of nokia's once dominant position and sony's expertise with consumer electronics it is truly ridiculous to see how far they have fallen behind, because their marketing department wasn't able to communicate the platform's advantages to an uneducated public, and because they failed to introduce an app store quickly enough. sad, really; but the faster, more flexible competitors always win in the tech world.

"Death Is Very Likely The Single Best Invention Of Life" -- Steve Jobs

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