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The Samsung SGH-X820 is a mere 6.9mm thin

Samsung has unveiled what the company claims is the world's slimmest mobile phone.  The new phone, the Samsung SGH-X820, was unveiled yesterday during Sviaz Expocomm 2006, a telecom fair being held in Moscow.  The SGH-X820, a 6.9 mm thick cell and weighs 66 grams, has an MP3 player that is capable of holding up to 80MB of onboard music files.  Along with the ability to play music, a 2 megapixel camera that also records video is included.  If users are wanting even more features, Bluetooth connectivity and a TV-out jack is included.  According to The Korea Times:

Samsung plans to market the bar-type model, the SGH-X820, in Europe this month at a hefty price, which the firm refused to reveal, as the phone adopts a European technology.  Next month, the ultra-thin model will land in China and the outfit is considering whether or not to convert the phone’s current format (GSM) to that of Korea and the United States (CDMA).

Of course, many US providers can use the GSM version of this phone, so expect to see a few filter into the market here and there.  The battle of mobile size began after the quick success of the Razr line of Motorola phones.

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RE: Bigger keys please
By littlebitstrouds on 5/9/2006 11:48:37 AM , Rating: 1
For this phone, say you have only 2 days of standby time.

My point is more centered around the... Where do you get this information? Because I see at no point it saying that this phone will have 2 days of standby time and only 2 hours of talk time. Everyone seems to jump on with negative comments about any new phone report on this site without all the details.

I would just rather posts like... How long is the battery life going to be? What's the screen resolution? Anyone like samsung's interface cause I've never used it? Comments that are usefull. Not downing a new product before anyone can make any actual judgements cause you don't have this phone yet. I'm glad you like your phone as I like mine. Pls go post when a phone that intrests you comes along. And allow the people who like these phones to discuss this one.

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