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Unique Solutions Limited's "mybestfit" kiosk  (Source:
Unique Solutions' newest technology is called "mybestfit," and it utilizes the body scanning technology used in airports -- except it keeps your clothes on

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding body scanners at the airport since they began producing nude photos of the public. While many have complained about the new technology, Unique Solutions Limited has found a new use for it that keeps the public's clothes on.

Unique Solutions Limited, which was established in 1994, specializes in personalized shopping. It originally started out as a company that provides custom sewing patterns tailored to fit customers' body shapes perfectly. Its goal is to provide clothing that fits an individual, since many clothing stores offer set sizes that may or may not fit the way they should. The company has expanded to offer technology that can provide this convenience.

Unique Solutions' newest technology is called "mybestfit," and it utilizes the body scanning technology used in airports -- except it keeps your clothes on.

Mybestfit was developed by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and Unique Solutions Limited licensed the technology from Batelle, which manages the laboratory.

Mybestfit utilizes radio waves to penetrate clothing and "bounce" signals off the body. These signals are then sent to a computer, and the data is used to calculate exact measurements of your waist, hips, arms, legs and weight. These measurements are given to the user, and they use such measurements to decide which sizes to buy at the store.

The mybestfit kiosk was first placed at the King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania, and is a free service. It was made to increase shopping convenience, since some shoppers either do not know what size they are, or are too embarrassed to reveal their size and weight to store assistants.

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By pjs37007 on 7/1/2011 2:07:10 PM , Rating: 2
My fiance has a heck of a time looking for pants. We were at the king of Prussia mall and tried this machine (And she won't use the airports AIT machines) she was skeptical at the results but it turned out to be exactly right. I think this works well for women especially because of how varied cloths sizes are for them. Its an interesting use of the technology and isn't even a gimmick as some people may think.

RE: MyBestFit
By Smartless on 7/1/2011 2:44:05 PM , Rating: 2
Do you think the machine can tell if you're sucking it in or stuffing your pants. I mean hypothetically speaking as I would never....

Anyway, funny how we hate doing stuff if we have no choice but will do it voluntarily. It's like your parents telling you to go to sleep. All-in-all I love the idea, next step is to start installing it exercise clubs lol.

RE: MyBestFit
By DanNeely on 7/1/2011 2:57:29 PM , Rating: 2
I think the biggest difference is that (in theory) there aren't any humans in the loop to snoop at pictures.

RE: MyBestFit
By Danger D on 7/5/2011 9:57:58 AM , Rating: 2
Exactly. It's not the technology, it's who's taking the picture.

"This is from the It's a science website." -- Rush Limbaugh

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