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Android remains the most popular smartphone OS with 38 percent of users owning an Android device

Wherever you go in today's world, you're likely to see smartphone users. Whether they're typing away on Facebook or in a text message, or flinging birds into piles of pigs, it's not uncommon to see user's faces buried in their mobile devices. 

With this being the case, it's no surprise that Nielsen's May survey reported that a large percentage of mobile consumers in the U.S. own smartphones, and that smartphones account for a majority of new cell phone purchases.

According to the survey, 38 percent of mobile consumers now own smartphones, and 55 percent of those who purchased handsets over the past three months bought a smartphone instead of a feature phone. This number increased 34 percent from a year ago.

Earlier this month, Nielsen reported that Android was number one in the smartphone market share and data usage, and that continues to be true. Android is the most popular smartphone OS with 38 percent of users owning an Android device. 

Even though Android sits in the number one spot, Apple's iPhone has experienced the most growth.

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RE: Nielsen
By nafhan on 7/1/2011 9:26:51 AM , Rating: 2
Also, I think the a lot of people who want to have non-smart phones have no reason to buy a new phone. If you look at the regular phones from one of the carriers, the non-smart phones aren't any different than they were 2 or 3 years ago, and why buy a new phone if it's the same as the one you've got? This leads me to think that usage of non-smart phones may be going down, but probably not as fast as new phone purchase numbers would suggest.

RE: Nielsen
By DanNeely on 7/1/2011 11:57:32 AM , Rating: 2
Yup. My phone's 6 years old and still makes voice calls just as well as when it was new and I don't need anything else. I hate working on small screens and trying to do work on a touchpad is second only to playing Diablo 2 in the speed it gives me RSI pain, so why would I want a touch centric gadget?

The only smart phone feature I see as truly compelling would be tethering as backup internet/dodging hotel gouging. But since I live in an area where network quality makes VZW the only serious choice getting that would cost about $1400 ($50/mo * 24mo for data service + $200 for the phone). I might save $150ish over 2 years at hotels, and my ISP only has 2 or 4 outages longer than an hour yearly (and it's been several years since the last outage that lasted more than a day); which makes it exorbitantly expensive as backup internet.

RE: Nielsen
By Zoomer on 7/1/2011 12:21:43 PM , Rating: 2
Get a MiFi from Virgin.

RE: Nielsen
By DanNeely on 7/1/2011 1:41:00 PM , Rating: 2
That's only useful if you're in an area with good Sprint coverage (see my comment about VZW being the only reasonable choice where I live).

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