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Android remains the most popular smartphone OS with 38 percent of users owning an Android device

Wherever you go in today's world, you're likely to see smartphone users. Whether they're typing away on Facebook or in a text message, or flinging birds into piles of pigs, it's not uncommon to see user's faces buried in their mobile devices. 

With this being the case, it's no surprise that Nielsen's May survey reported that a large percentage of mobile consumers in the U.S. own smartphones, and that smartphones account for a majority of new cell phone purchases.

According to the survey, 38 percent of mobile consumers now own smartphones, and 55 percent of those who purchased handsets over the past three months bought a smartphone instead of a feature phone. This number increased 34 percent from a year ago.

Earlier this month, Nielsen reported that Android was number one in the smartphone market share and data usage, and that continues to be true. Android is the most popular smartphone OS with 38 percent of users owning an Android device. 

Even though Android sits in the number one spot, Apple's iPhone has experienced the most growth.

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RE: March/May 2011
By inighthawki on 7/1/2011 12:34:35 AM , Rating: 2
It's sad too, because it's a REALLY great phone. I own one and as a developer I got access to the early pre-release of mango, and I can say that with that update it is no doubt the best smartphone OS I've seen to date.

-Massive amounts of built in support for different platforms like office, facebook, windows live components, as well as the bing search which now natively supports not just text searching, but music, books, cds, bar codes, QR codes, etc simply by pointing the camera at it.
-Fastest mobile browser in the market
-As of mango it has every big feature you'd expect from other smartphones (copy paste since nodo, multitasking)
-Very smooth performance
-This one is opinion, but I find the idea of the live tile interface far superior to android and ios's icon layouts

The only thing it really lacks are apps, which for most should be no issue porting. The fact that everything is based on C#, silverlight, and XNA makes development as easy as it gets.

I just don't understand why people keep bashing it, it's a solid platform even before mango, and if they do after the release of mango, then I believe they're liking just bashing it because they haven't even tried it.

RE: March/May 2011
By twhittet on 7/1/2011 1:28:24 AM , Rating: 2
As long as they don't abandon it, I think it will pick up a bit eventually. It's just not quite there on functions or app availability, but is getting really close.

Combine Mango with some shiny new hardware and it might hit enough critical mass for people to start caring. Windows has a lot of advantages it can eventually leverage that will come in handy, especially for businesses.

RE: March/May 2011
By RjBass on 7/1/2011 10:09:44 AM , Rating: 2
Nice article on Engadget today discussing WP7 rise in Apps,

RE: March/May 2011
By bodar on 7/5/2011 6:28:27 AM , Rating: 2
This one is opinion, but I find the idea of the live tile interface far superior to android and ios's icon layouts

I like the idea, but I hate the execution, personally. It really sours my interest in the platform as a whole.

“So far we have not seen a single Android device that does not infringe on our patents." -- Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith

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