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T.27 EV
Car is just as ugly as the T.25

Gordon Murray is one of the most famed car designers and engineers in the world and his most famous creation in the eyes of many enthusiasts is the McLaren F1 that was the world's fastest production car for years. Murray has since turned his attention to creating cars that are green and powered by batteries rather than fuel swilling cars capable of 200 mph top speeds.

Murray has unveiled a new electric minicar called the T.27. The EV is hailed as the world's most efficient EV and is just as ungainly as its predecessor, the T.25. Murray worked with powertrain partner Zytek Automotive to bring the new T-27 to market and the new car uses a lightweight and fully integrated electric motor, control system, and battery for the best efficiency.

The T.27’s specs include a 25 kW electric motor and a 12 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The car is very small with a length of 98 inches, width of 51 inches, and height of 63 inches. The car weighs in a 1,500 pounds with the battery and has a 70-inch wheelbase. The range on a single charge is expected to be 100 miles.

Murray said, "The Technology Strategy Board have been incredibly supportive of the T.27 programme and together we are working to keep this in the United Kingdom.  It is a great opportunity to work with Zytek Automotive and our other partners on this very exciting programme.  We always strive to lead the way in automotive design and our current goal is to maximise efficiency of electric vehicles."

Insideline reports that the car seats three and is slated to debut on November 5 at the RAC Future Car Challenge. The car was constructed with financial backing of the British Government Technology Strategy Board.

Pricing hasn’t been announced, but the T.25 sold for a relatively cheap $9,000.

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RE: Another dumb question -
By euler007 on 6/30/2011 1:17:50 PM , Rating: 3
Second would be the inherent instability of a car that is taller than it is wide, forcing you to keep a steady pace.

Out of that 1500 pounds the motor, batteries and wheels must be at least 40% of the weight, meaning the center of gravity is just a few centimeters above the axle (judging from the sketch).

RE: Another dumb question -
By amanojaku on 6/30/2011 1:53:01 PM , Rating: 3
You are correct, but all vehicles have the bulk of their mass at the bottom of the car. Unless you count the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile. I mentioned the pace because at higher speeds the additional force is multiplied by the height of the walls, which act as levers. What's steady at low speeds becomes squirrelly at high speeds.

Not that I expect anyone to be in this kind of danger. With a top speed of 65mph in 15 seconds, and a weight-power ratio of about 44lbs/hp this car would be lucky to hit 45mph. No sane person would take this on a highway. This is likely intended for those little towns in Italy and such where the streets are literally 10 feet wide or less.

RE: Another dumb question -
By quiksilvr on 6/30/2011 3:54:21 PM , Rating: 2
This car is clearly intended for European roads. But then you ask yourself...why not just get the Fiat 500?! It's cheaper, faster, looks better and AWESOME.

RE: Another dumb question -
By kraeper on 6/30/2011 5:53:00 PM , Rating: 2
Or a bicycle..

RE: Another dumb question -
By ekv on 6/30/2011 10:50:25 PM , Rating: 2
Or a BPG Uno 3

All you need now is Megan Fox ...

RE: Another dumb question -
By euler007 on 6/30/2011 9:56:29 PM , Rating: 2
You are correct, but all vehicles have the bulk of their mass at the bottom of the car.

I don't particularly agree, except for boxer designs the center gravity of most inline or V engine is significantly higher than the T.27 design.

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