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Haswell CPUs will contain vector processors and a more power on-die GPU. The chips are designed to power the next generation of "Ultrabooks".  (Source: ASUSTek)

An Intel corporate blog post seemed to confirm both the presence of vector coprocessor silicon and a 2013 release date for the 22 nm Haswell.  (Source: Intel)
Company looks to new 22 nm architecture to hold off AMD and ARM Holdings

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RE: Hah
By B-Unit on 6/27/2011 10:17:13 AM , Rating: 2
My boycott relates to the furious rebranding of the G92 generation of cards (8800GT -> 9800GT -> GTX(S?)250). I felt that it was inexcusable to simply rename the same card. Granted, most who would bother to buy a descrete GPU should have known, but for the average consumer, there was no way to know you were buying a 2 generation old product.

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