LulzSec's anti-government efforts continued with the takedown of key Brazilian government sites.  (Source:

Is this "Sabu", LulzSec's ringleader? "LulzSecExposed" claims so. It's been passing information on alleged LulzSec members to the FBI. It suggests that it has a mole inside the group.  (Source: LulzSecExposed)
LulzSec's actions haven't pleased everyone in the hacking community

"Operation AntiSec", Anonymous and LulzSec's war against U.S. and international governments and banking institutions is in full affect [1][2][3.  But the groups are facing increasing pressure from fellow hackers who object to what they're doing.

I. More Attacks

On Tuesday a group calling itself "LulzSecBrazil" wrote:
The greater LulzSec cheered:
Our Brazilian unit is making progress. Well done @LulzSecBrazil, brothers!
The group hinted that it had also penetrated servers of one or more banks and/or government institutions, commenting:
Splendid old chap, yes, yes, quite. In other news, we're loading leak bay #1 with stolen goods. #AntiSec
II. Civil War

As we mentioned in our last post, a group calling themselves "Web Ninjas" has made it its mission to expose LulzSec and see that they are arrested.  To that end it has created a website entitled "LulzSecExposed" which carries leaks from the group.

The first leaks revealed the hacker handles of LulzSec members, including lesser members like "neuron" and "Redacted", and also critical members, such as "Topiary" and "Sabu".

In response, LulzSec lashed back by "doxing" a man they claim to be named Marshal Webb, who they say leaked the logs. "Doxing" is a common type of attack used during inter-hacker warfare that involves one hacker discovering and posting another hacker's real world identity online.

LulzSec wrote [Pastebin] the FBI (who coincidentally they've been recently attacking):
This is Marshal Webb, also known as "[redacted]" in the "#pure-elite" IRC logs you no doubt have enjoyed. He was involved in the hacking of the game "Dues Ex" (sic) and was/is involved in countless other cybercrimes.

Also, he tried to snitch on us. Therefore we just did your job for you with great ease.

This moron is trying to flee the country in order to avoid serious punishment. Hunt him down...
Curiously the "Web Ninjas" also don't seem to be sympathetic towards "Redacted"/Mr. Webb, as they write:
Due to the sensitivity of information, we are directly sending the information to FBI now but still will publish some info on the BLOG

Neuron - Engineering Student, US

Redacted - Engineering Student, US
The Group has also mildly revealed some of the core and peripheral members of LulzSec, writing:
Sabu aka God aka Brazil
Age 34, Leader of the group. Webmaster and Coder

Tflow aka Bottle of Rum aka Tmesis aka Sejus Christ
Possible location - UK, Suspected name - Solomon

Topiary aka T aka WhirlPool
Identified as Daniel Ackerman Sandberg, Old Anon from Sweden. Podcast pro at zelda

Kayla aka LOL aka Parr0t
Kayla was referred as 16 old girl in HBGary hack. Great social engineering skills and troll master. A guy from Canada.

Joepie91 aka Joepie92
Dutch guy, old anon member - owns But active member of Lulzsec.

Possible Location - Spain

Confirmed Location - Florida, US

Pwnsauce aka Pwnage
Confirmed Location - Ireland

Confirmed Location - US

Redacted aka Recursion
Confirmed Location - US
The group also posted a picture Sabu and claims to have "his Name, Address, location and work".

III. First Arrest Rolls in

Yesterday an individual was arrested in the UK, reportedly in connection with the LulzSec attacks.  The group downplayed the event and was quick to deny that the arrested party was a member.  It writes:
Ryan Cleary is not part of LulzSec; we house one of our many legitimate chatrooms on his IRC server, but that's it.

We use Ryan's server, we also use Efnet, 2600, Rizon and AnonOps IRC servers. That doesn't mean they're all part of our group.

Clearly the UK police are so desperate to catch us that they've gone and arrested someone who is, at best, mildly associated with us. Lame.
Still the arrest could impact the group's efforts at secrecy.  Writes "LulzSecExposed":
As media groups think that Ryan is a leader of LulzSec, Sorry guys its not him. Its our Sabu. Ryan was just an IRC operator for them. Well bad news for LulzSec, count your days as we count your heads, How about this for LULZ?
Anyways as Ryan is arrested, your IRC logs are with FBI, SOCA and Interpol. Now we understood why did you DDOS SOCA yesterday. And when Sabu will be arrested no one will be there to DDOS any :p

Sabu, we know you are safe until FBI and their friends reaches your home, you know it takes time to FLY :)
Most recently the site has "doxed" a reportedly skilled and active member of Anonymous "Power2All".

But its highest priority target -- Sabu remains at large.

IV. Hacker Warfare

Ultimately the government hasn't shown great abilities to catch hackers at certain times in the past.  Usually skilled hackers were caught when they personally contact the attacked parties or when one of their colleagues turn on them.  For LulzSec the latter danger seems particularly prevalent.

In fact "LulzSecExposed" comments, "We might be one among you, check your backs LOL."

Aside from that site, the group has also angered a number of hackers weak and strong including th3j35t3r ("The Jester"), fakegregghoush, DustLavaRockSan, b14ck4dd3r, FailSec, awinee, backtracesec, and TeaMp0iSoN (according to "LulzSecExposed").

Eventually LulzSec may sufficiently infuriate enough skilled hackers or one of its own members may turn on his fellow cohorts.  If and when that happens, core members of the group may find themselves in much the same situation as famous arrested hackers of years past.

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