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Despite iPad being "a computer, not a mobile device"

"IPad is a computer, not a mobile device," Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg famously said last fall in response to a question about whether a Facebook app for iPad would ever come to fruition.

It appears that Zuck is backpedaling on those words, as The New York Times reports that Facebook is, indeed, readying an iPad app.

Anonymous sources reportedly close to Facebook's plans told NYT that the social media company will be unveiling a free app for iPad that has been "carefully designed and optimized" for the device.

Zuckerberg's statement from last November is additionally befuddling because of its timing. The report says that the iPad app has been in development for nearly a year, and that Zuck himself has played a key role in the process.

In addition to the app's slick design, the Facebook Chat and Facebook Groups have been overhauled, and the app allows photos shot with the iPad's built-in cameras to be directly uploaded to Facebook.

A person who reportedly has seen the app had this to say: "The photo and video experience is amazing, offering full resolution and full-screen images."

Both Facebook and Apple declined to comment further.

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RE: why...
By Pirks on 6/19/2011 11:27:26 PM , Rating: 2
no email, no calendar, no Netflix, no Twitter
There are gmail and other web interfaces that work excellent on Playbook's browser so I never missed any "app for that" "app for this" functionality yet, web is more than enough because the browser is THAT great. Native apps and special clients are so yesterday in the wake of such marvels as Sencha Touch and similar frameworks. Anand doesn't know about them since he's just another consumer. But if Anand knew about Sencha for example he would definitely reconsider. He'll learn about all these future frameworks that will supplant old style Android and iOS and even Playbook native APIs, then we'll see what kind of reviews he starts to write, hehehe ;) If you know what is Sencha you'd understand me in a bit, if you don't... well, you'll learn someday about it too. Sooner or later.

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