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Apples stands to benefit in the areas of motherboard and processor design.

Apple's switch to Intel will finally give the Cupertino company a comparable processor platform to the big name PC OEMs on both desktop and notebook machines. Apple notebooks have long had the looks to wow consumers, but their performance was really nothing to brag aboout when compared to PC notebooks. Apple could also benefit in other areas of development if the rumors of Intel's decision to design Mac motherboards become reality. The move to Intel is expected to boost Apple's worldwide marketshare from roughly 3% of the computer market to 6% by the end of 2007.

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By clnee55 on 1/10/2006 2:05:36 PM , Rating: 2

"More like its the windows users that will download cracked version of OSX to install on thier x86 machines. "

Please do not assume that all windows users are thieves. You might be proud of it, but I am not.

"Windows users wont switch (not in large #'s anyhow) to buyin gApple PC's, they are WAY overpriced. "

They are not overpriced if they can be two machines in one price.

" There is a simple rule to proprietary systems. If you are propritary you must be significantly better, or cheaper than all the competition. Apple was niether, thus thier majority marketshere slipped to less than 3%."

If iMAC can dualboot WINXP, it is no longer a proprietary system"

"Just ask Sony how their Betamax did vs VHS. Same thing happened to the MAC platform. "

Sony machine can never play VHS tape, that's why they have trouble. We talk about the new iMac not the old iMac.

"When an individual makes a copy of a song for himself, I suppose we can say he stole a song." -- Sony BMG attorney Jennifer Pariser

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