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2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid

2012 Ford Mondeo
Ford looks to get a boost thanks to lithium-ion batteries

It's no secret that all auto manufactures are looking to boost the fuel efficiency of their vehicles thanks to looming CAFE requirements. Companies are looking at a wide variety of options from diesels to hybrids to fully electric vehicles to downsized gasoline engines with turbochargers. 

Ford is using traditional, naturally aspirated engines in the subcompact Fiesta and compact Focus to achieve roughly 30 mpg in the city and around 40 mpg on the highway. Likewise, the current generation Fusion Hybrid is no slouch either, with a city rating of 41 mpg and a highway rating of 36 mpg. 

However, according to Ford Inside News, Ford is looking to boost the city fuel economy of the next generation Fusion Hybrid to as high as 48 mpg. That would put it within striking distance of the eccentric Toyota Prius, which is rated at 51 mpg in the city. There's no word on how much the highway fuel economy will increase, but we'd guess that an even 40 mpg isn't out of reach. 

Ford should be able to hit these fuel economy targets thanks to a new lithium-ion battery pack which will replace the existing nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) unit. The lithium-ion battery pack should be lighter and more compact, which should help keep overall weight down and reclaim some cargo space (the current Fusion Hybrid has a mere 11.8 cu ft of trunk space compared to 16.5 cu ft for its non-hybrid counterpart).

The next generation Fusion is expected to be unveiled at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show and will go on sale shortly thereafter. The 2013 Fusion will be a unifying design as it will replace both the North American Fusion and the Mondeo which is sold in Europe.

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RE: Fusion is sweet
By Flunk on 6/14/2011 10:42:28 AM , Rating: 3
That's pretty likely as Ford has already announced that the new Fusion will be a slightly tweaked Mondeo. If they stick to their one Ford plan it will probably be nearly identical.

RE: Fusion is sweet
By therealnickdanger on 6/14/2011 10:47:48 AM , Rating: 2
The nice thing about cars like this is that you can usually buy replacement components to swap it out. I imagine that you could make even the current Fusion look identical to a Mondeo with some cash and a wrench. Tab A into slot B, and so forth. I transformed my Dodge Magnum into 300C Touring with minimal effort. Now if I could just find a cheap 3.0 CRD engine to swap...

RE: Fusion is sweet
By EJ257 on 6/14/2011 10:54:17 AM , Rating: 2
Is that swap between the same generation of vehicles? If the new car and the old car have different dimensions wouldn't you have a hard time making the parts all fit seamlessly?

RE: Fusion is sweet
By therealnickdanger on 6/14/2011 11:05:51 AM , Rating: 2
Yes, the swap typically only works across the same platform. i.e. 2004-2011 300, Charger, Magnum all use interchangeable parts (with some exceptions).

I wasn't implying that current-gen Fusions could use next-gen Mondeo parts, but that current-gen Fusions could probably use current-gen Mondeo. Maybe I didn't make that clear enough.

RE: Fusion is sweet
By Samus on 6/14/2011 11:48:15 AM , Rating: 2
Although the sport isn't too bad, I'm not a fan of its grill or hood in any shape or form. I still think the SVT Focus is the best looking NA Ford vehicle in decades, mostly because it doesn't try to be something it isn't with fake chrome clad all over it like every other Focus model (the only chrome to be found on the SVT Focus is the Ford badge.)

But I have a friend who bought the Fusion in 08 (first year I think?) that really isn't a bad car. It's REALLY quiet, even more so than my Dad's Jaguar, but it feels almost German inside with its bland Audi like interior. Everything is a straight line, everything is covered in aluminum, and it feels cold to stare at.

Ford needs to bring the fun back, and stop trying to be German. The Taurus SHO could have taught you that competing with the German's will just bite you in the ass. People buy Ford's because they're Ford's, which in my opinion has always meant the highest quality American car. There were some doozies in the 70's and 80's, especially the 3.8L V6's, the suspension geometry of the Tempo/Topaz and the ridiculous idea of replacing the Mustang with the Probe, but overall, their mistakes don't amount to Chysler or GM's.

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