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Dual core is in store, and maybe more

Apple, Inc. (AAPL) made the interesting decision of pushing its standard iPhone launch back from June to September -- a three month delay.  Fans of the Cupertino, California gadget maker did receive some consolation with the release of a CDMA-capable iPhone on Verizon Communications, Inc.'s (VZ) network in February and the release of white iPhones at the end of April. 

However, the delay was also costly for Apple, which had already fallen behind Google Inc.'s rival Android OS in U.S. and worldwide sales.  

But the painful wait may finally almost be over for Apple's remaining fans.  A few months ahead of launch 9 to 5 Mac is reporting that final testing stage iPhone 5 hardware (dubbed the "AP" stage within Apple) is making the rounds.

According to the site's sources, 3G FaceTime on Verizon still isn't a done deal by any means.  If you recall, the iPhone 4 CDMA version was unable to accept video calls using Apple's FaceTime software.  Verizon reportedly was concerned about the software's high data demands.

Even if 3G is agreed upon, it seems extremely unlikely that Verizon customers will get 4G video chat -- a much hoped for feature.  Reportedly, Verizon is also trying to work out issues with its promised over-the-air updates scheme for the iPhone 5.  OTA updates may not begin until Fall 2011. 

The recently released iOS 5.0 SDK revealed two new iPhone hardware versions, the "N94" and "N93".  The N94 reportedly packs a GSM and a CDMA chip.  It also packs the dual-core A5 ARMv7 CPU found in the iPad 2.

It is unclear what the N93 is, but some (including 9 to 5 Mac) suggest that it may be a model destined for the Sprint Nextel Corp. (S) or Deutsche Telekom AG's (DTE) T-Mobile network in the U.S.

Based on the iOS 5.0 SDK it also appears that the rear-facing camera will stay at a resolution 5 megapixels, and not receive the bump to 8.0 megapixels that some Apple fans were hoping for.  We're guessing that won't stop most of those fans from buying iPhone 5s, though.

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RE: Make it smaller and lighter
By Fritzr on 6/15/2011 4:18:21 PM , Rating: 2
Sadly, all the carriers in the U.S. lock their phones, eliminating much of the usefulness of the SIM card. Europe's GSM service is phone-agnostic - you can pop your SIM card in any phone and continue using your service.

US GSM essentially limits your SIM flexibility to just your carrier's phones by locking all phones to the carrier's service. Even if you go abroad, you can't just pop in a local SIM card to get local phone service with your AT&T iPhone. You're limited to AT&T's international service (expen$ive); or have to rent a local phone + SIM card (same thing as not having a SIM card in your regular phone).

This will likely come as a real shock to you, but almost all GSM phones can be unlocked. Most Nokia and many others can even be unlocked free of charge by clicking a link in your web browser & for those that you need to buy the service, it is mostly under $25

Also in addition to the AT&T/Verizon branded iPhone+contract you can buy an unlocked iPhone without contract for use on any network worldwide that uses GSM

The last hurdle you will have to clear is that iPhone uses a microSIM which is still uncommon. The fix for this problem is a SIM converter that can be purchased on eBay for $7-$10 and a few adapters that will allow the use of your newly created microSIM in devices that use a full sized SIM card.

Unlocked phones work just fine with US SIMs ... 'activation' is only required if you feel the need to follow the nice salesman's orders.
A good bit of FUD in your comments, so I am guessing you are either anti-Apple or know very little about GSM phones in general and haven't bothered to do a simple Google search for the recent news items announcing the current availability of unlocked, no contract iPhones for use on ANY GSM the unlocked iPhone is not available from AT&T, but it is still usable with an AT&T microSIM :)

I always purchase an unlocked handset or have it unlocked after activation. As an aside, if you have an unlocked handset, do NOT allow the nice salesman to 'activate' it for you. That is how providers refer to the process of locking your handset to their network.

Tracfone products are an exception. They use a proprietary Tracfone/Straight Talk firmware that is required for use of their service and only those handsets that are not proprietary Tracfone designs can be unlocked by flashing them with a non-Tracfone compatible firmware.

"We basically took a look at this situation and said, this is bullshit." -- Newegg Chief Legal Officer Lee Cheng's take on patent troll Soverain

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