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The Scene group's Complex and Duplex have offered the Xbox 360 version and PS3 version

Gamers have been waiting a long time for "Duke Nukem Forever," and that wait will be over in a little less than a week. But for some, the wait ended yesterday when the game leaked onto the internet. 

With much anticipation for the new "Duke Nukem," game players were pushing to get a glimpse of 2K Games' latest creation in the series. Over the last two weeks alone, several fake "Duke Nukem Forever" files have popped up all over the web

But the real deal appeared on torrent sites like BitTorrent yesterday, with the Xbox 360 version made available by the Scene group "Complex," and the PS3 version compliments of the Scene Group "Duplex."

This leak could make or break the new game, as gamers who test it will likely spread the word as to whether it's a worthy buy or not. 

"Duke Nukem Forever" will officially release on June 14 for Xbox 360, PS3 and Windows.

"Duke Nukem" is a video game series that was initially released in 1991 for MS-DOS, and focuses on protagonist Duke Nukem. "Duke Nukem ll" was released in 1993, and "Duke Nukem 3D" launched in 1996. In addition, many spin-offs like "Duke Nukem: Critical Mass" were created.

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RE: PS3 "leak" most likely fake.
By Smilin on 6/8/2011 5:18:44 PM , Rating: 4
You should have pointed out that shadowrun was heavily modified to level the playing field. The K+M behavior was nerfed and there was liberal auto-aim employed and a cone of fire slop so that mouse accuracy was essentially useless. Furthermore it's got heavy non-aiming elements that determine the outcome of fights. The developers of Shadowrun don't even consider it an FPS. They call it a "RPG on speed".

The K&M debate does not really exist. There is no debate. The K&M are better at FPS games period. I believe that anyone who says otherwise has some non-objective attachment to the controller (aka fanboy).

I'm both a PC and Xbox player (probably more xbox last few months but some big AAA titles are hitting PC soon so that will shift back). I'm good at both control styles. K&M sucks for fighting and sports games but is unmatched for FPS. I consider these to be facts more than just my opinion.

RE: PS3 "leak" most likely fake.
By FaceMaster on 6/17/2011 1:39:23 PM , Rating: 2
The K+M behavior was nerfed and there was liberal auto-aim employed and a cone of fire slop so that mouse accuracy was essentially useless.

As much as I'd like to think that, this video shows the developer of the game SAYING the opposite. If I just blindly say that PC controls are better, I'm being no better than a religious person blindly ignoring evidence against my religion. Personally I can't stand controllers, and can't see how they can possibly compete with mouse + keyboard. But I'm not just going to ignore all the evidence against me and spout stuff about the opposite being true.

I consider this to be a far more fair view of the debate. Sure, the other team may have won by being ignorant and blindly led, but it's better than both sides arguing about something when evidence stating one over the other has been laid on the table.

"I'd be pissed too, but you didn't have to go all Minority Report on his ass!" -- Jon Stewart on police raiding Gizmodo editor Jason Chen's home
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