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David Coleman Headley was a Pakistani agent for the DEA and, according to some, the CIA. But he was a double agent, secretly plotting with Pakistani terrorists to carry out murderous plots.  (Source: CNN)

In court Mr. Headley testified that he was sheltered by wealthy Chicago businessman, Hussain Rana. While under the shelter of Mr. Rana he allegedly plotted to kill the CEO of Lockheed Martin.  (Source: Carol Renaud / AFP via Getty Images)

Robert J. Stevens (center) is an ex-Marine and a central figure to U.S. Defense efforts via his work with Lockheed Martin. He's been CEO of the company since 2004.  (Source:
Pakistani terrorist helped carry out deadly attacks worldwide

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RE: Stupid Story Making No Sense
By mustaka on 6/2/2011 9:13:56 AM , Rating: 1
I concur. Besides, AFAIK, this site is about latest tech news.

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