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NVIDIA "Glowball" demo
NVIDIA's Kal-El features quad CPU cores, and 12 GPU cores

We first brought you news of NVIDIA's superhero-esque Kal-El processor back in February. Now, NVIDIA is showcasing some demo footage of what this new mobile processor can actually achieve.

Kal-El is powerful enough to allow real-time dynamic lighting in mobile games and applications which is something that today's mobile GPUs either struggle with or simply are not capable of delivering.

The "Glowball" demo [YouTube video] shows a ball rolling through a room casting light over all of the objects in the room. Real-time physics are on display, which are made possible by using Kal-El's four processing cores. The person running the demo showed that running with two cores disabled, but it's is nearly unplayable in that configuration. 

If "Glowball" is an indication of where future smartphone and tablet games are headed with regards to art direction and real-time effects, it appears that we are in good hands with the new hardware that is coming out this fall. Just as we saw with games like Infinity Blade which push current dual-core tablet hardware to the max, Kal-El will once again raise the bar for developers. 

For those that are keeping score, Kal-El features four CPU cores and 12 GPU cores. It will have five times the performance and lower power consumption than Tegra 2 (which is used in today's Honeycomb tablets).

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RE: Mistakes
By drewidgho5t on 5/30/2011 4:53:41 PM , Rating: 2
Remember when editors were people not software. Provided they (the editor) were educated properly (ie. corporal punishment for typos and improper grammar structure) the media source would be considered not only credible, but would be used as a reference source.
Now? People in glass houses throwing bricks. Wtf??? "As far as graphics goes..." that pesky double negative applies or in this case double plural >>"As far as graphic design() go(es)..." OR "As far as graphic(s) go()..."
Where's the english teacher when you need her?
For what its worth, I would rather enjoy dailytech as a science/technology site, than an english lit site. Having grown up in an immigrant neighbourhood, the 2nd born of first generation Canadians, the rebuttal I commonly heard was, "If their (Italian, German, Swedish, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Korean) is better than my english, than I welcome their input. If not..." NOT ONCE was the input welcome. Perhaps because people who spoke multiple languages would seldom be so critical.

I DO ACKNOWLEDGE that often people who are trying to learn english openly invite commentary such as been put forth by Dananski. I most certainly am not saying that Dananski has been rude. I'm just sayin that I hope Dananski works @ a glass factory ;-)

"We can't expect users to use common sense. That would eliminate the need for all sorts of legislation, committees, oversight and lawyers." -- Christopher Jennings

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