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Will show off device next week at All Things D and Computex

Although it's only been a few days since Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told the audience at the 2011 Japanese Microsoft Developers Conference that his company would not be releasing Windows 8 until 2012 (a statement that Microsoft later retracted), Bloomberg Businessweek reports that the company will preview an early version of its new, tablet-centric OS as soon as next week.

Bloomberg cites three anonymous sources familiar with Microsoft's plans that say the company will display a touchscreen tablet running on NVIDIA's ARM-based Tegra chip. Windows President Steven Sinofsky will present at the All Things D conference, and VP Steve Guggenheimer will appear at Computex in Taipei, according to Bloomberg. 

Microsoft representatives declined comment, but Ballmer hinted at the newfound urgency in a speech in New Delhi: "We are in a race," he reportedly said. "We are not doing that badly, frankly. We are doing pretty well in that race. But the race is on to continue to push Windows to a variety of new form factors." 

While the new OS will not be available until next year, "the company is eager to show it is moving forward, seeking to generate demand among computer makers and chip suppliers," Bloomberg's Ian King and Dina Bass write.

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RE: Windows-centric Business Model
By therealnickdanger on 5/27/2011 9:02:07 AM , Rating: 5
For people that own and use Windows tablets, they seem to work well. I owned one for a while and it did what I needed. Touchscreen technology has come a long way since Windows XP Tablet Edition (2002!), blazed mostly by Apple and Google in recent years. Even Microsoft has been pulling strings behind the scenes - have you ever used Surface? So what makes you think that because Microsoft's previous full OS was somewhat impractical for tablet use that a "new, tablet-centric" OS will fail? It goes against your very argument as to why you think it will fail. Did you you not read the article?

the company will preview an early version of its new, tablet-centric OS as soon as next week

RE: Windows-centric Business Model
By Arsynic on 5/27/2011 11:04:41 AM , Rating: 1
Business use vs. consumer use. Microsoft won't make any headway in the consumer market with that. Isn't that what they're trying to do?

In the Enterprise if they target Windows 8 tablets to hospitals, they'll do well because of the recent push for EHRs. Companies will be able to run EHR clients natively instead of having to invest in a cost-prohibitive Citrix infrastructure just to get it to run on non-Windows tablets.

By StevoLincolnite on 5/27/2011 11:04:29 AM , Rating: 4
I have a Windows 7 convertible Netbook/tablet, it's actually a rather great experience.
Just a shame my system is paired with a craptastic Intel Atom, 2gb of ram, 500gb 7200rpm HDD, Intel GMA 3150 Decelerator graphics...
Waiting on AMD's Fusion E-350 to come available in the same form factor in my region before I upgrade it.

The cool thing though is that allot of ancient 2D accelerated games like: Alpha Centauri, Civilization 2, Master of Orion 2, Sim City... Work incredibly well with touch, despite being released 10-15 years before touch-screens were even thought to ever arrive on Windows.

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