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Bill Kroske, the vice president of business development at American Traffic Solutions, posed as a Spokane local on The Spokesman-Review website in an attempt to promote his company's products

A business executive at American Traffic Solutions has been suspended after posing as a local resident of Spokane on the company's website and newspaper websites, where he posted comments supporting the red-light cameras that were placed in the Washington city.

American Traffic Solutions, which is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, specializes in photo enforcement and red-light camera contracting. The company has red-light cameras placed throughout the United States, with one of the cities being Spokane, Washington. 

Bill Kroske, the vice president of business development at American Traffic Solutions, posed as a Spokane local on The Spokesman-Review website. He posted comments encouraging the use of the red-light cameras in Spokane provided by American Traffic Solutions. 

From January through July of 2010, Kroske posted nine comments under the username "Obie1" on the website. He would talk as if he was not himself, but rather, a Spokane local that was happy with the red-light camera issues. It was an attempt to promote business in that area for American Traffic Solutions. 

He would call red-light camera critics the "camera paranoia group" and denounce those that didn't agree with their purpose. 

"It is that same lack of common sense and emotional control that is found in aggressive and dangerous driving," said Kroske in the forums when other users disagreed with the use of red-light cameras.

Kroske also encouraged "safe drivers" to unite when a bill in the legislature intended to cap red-light tickets, and even defended red-light cameras when a user showed statistics that crashes increased at intersections with red-light cameras in winter.

Kroske's last post was in July 2010 when another user blogged about Tim Eyman, who sponsored a ballot measure to reduce the use of red-light cameras in Mukilteo. 

"I hope the safe drivers in Mukilteo will unite and support their police department," said Kroske. "However, I would recommend we have an initiative here too: one banning Eyman from ever moving to Spokane!"

But The Spokesman-Review isn't the only website that Kroske was commenting on. A reporter for The Herald, of Everett, Washington, was covering the "Photo Red" program. Kroske would comment on the articles under the username "W Howard." According to The Herald's editor, Neal Pattison, the username was linked to Kroske's company e-mail, tracing the comments back to Kroske. Kroske never mentioned who he really was. 

According to American Traffic Solutions' Spokesman Charles Territo, Kroske was very passionate about the company, but just went about it the wrong way by posing as someone else for company promotion. 

Kroske is now suspended for an uncertain amount of time.


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By wordsworm on 5/24/2011 2:08:55 PM , Rating: 1
Posing as someone else is deceitful and undermines your credibility.

Agreed. I was just saying that lots of folks make mistakes. Lots of people pretend to be people that they are not. Sometimes that's a real problem, sometimes it's not. In his case, I don't think the problem was all that severe.

On top of that Kroske belittled and insulted people, which is not the way a company expects a representative to behave.

I wouldn't be entirely surprised if he had been on the receiving end of a lot of the same. You ought to see the kind of language one receives when one defends copyright protection and slams piracy. I don't know very much about the red light cameras. I hate driving, so I'm usually seeking out alternatives in my commute to work.

However, I would love to see the driving community weeded out for the bad drivers. Driving should be a lot less of a right and a deserved privilege. I hear that they're getting ready to make black boxes mandatory in all cars. Cars are getting closer every year to having AI... so maybe in the near future a bad driver won't result in a traffic accident.

I did not fail at understanding the passage you referenced. I believe what is happening is that people are trying to stop at a red light, suddenly, during icy weather, which apparently lead to more accidents. A lot of people might not have the best traction while others might. So, the guy in front manages to stop, but the guy behind loses traction on the slippery road resulting in a rear-end collision. I was suggesting that rather than criticize the camera for making people want to obey the law, they ought to examine options such as extending the yellow light for times when the roads are slippery. I was saying that the camera was not at fault, but rather the conditions were likely leading to more accidents because of a reason, and that that reason ought to be researched and perhaps counter-acted. In other words, when people who are trying to be more careful about following the rules due to the ever watchful eye of the camera, end up getting in more accidents rather than less due to slippery conditions, then it behooves the authorities to find a solution to reduce the risk of accident.

Hopefully by slowly spelling it out for you, you can understand why it is I said that red lights cause accidents in winter. But, I won't hold my breath.

"So if you want to save the planet, feel free to drive your Hummer. Just avoid the drive thru line at McDonalds." -- Michael Asher

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