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"Conroe" and "Merom" get a name and a birthday

Intel has just passed us word about a new branding decision for the upcoming second generation Core processors.  Intel's first generation desktop Core processor, Conroe, will carry the moniker Core 2 Duo, suplementing the 65nm Netburst Presler micro-architecture.  Notebook processors, earlier dubbed Merom, will also carry the Core 2 Duo moniker even though the processors are very different than the desktop Core 2 Duo chips.  The highest end desktop processors, previously named Extreme Edition, will be labeled as Core 2 Extreme opposed to the mainstream Core 2 Duo.

Core 2 Extreme will actually become the first Conroe processor to launch, followed immediately by Core 2 Duo E6700 -- as outlined by Intel's most recent desktop roadmapMerom and Conroe are both based on 65nm process designs with shared L2 cache and aggressive power management.  Conroe and Merom will both be backwards compatible with recently manufactured desktop and mobile motherboards.

Intel's most recent forward outlook confirms Conroe will ship in July, 2006 followed shortly by Merom in August 2006.  This was hinted by Intel CEO Paul Otellini earlier this week during the company's quarterly report. Intel's press release about the new branding claims:

Consumers and businesses will also be able to purchase these processors as part of Intel’s market-focused platforms -- a collection of Intel hardware and software technology innovation that is designed and tested together and tailored to specific computing needs. Intel offers wireless computing, in-home entertainment or business productivity platforms through the company’s Intel Centrino Duo mobile technology, Intel Viiv technology and Intel vPro.

Intel is expected to publicly demonstrate Core 2 Duo at Computex 2006 in Taipei, Taiwan on June 6th, 2006.  AMD is expected to launch its next generation DDR2 desktop component on May 23, 2006.

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AMD isn't out of the picture
By Anemone on 5/13/2006 12:22:03 PM , Rating: 2
Core 2 is a lame name, but oh well, that's not what counts. Put Txxx or Iyyyy in the name and it doesn't really matter much. Conroe should perform superbly and AMD will have some issues countering its performance.

But you know, it's been months and we are still talking about this chip not using it (save for a lucky few). If you had to go buy a system right now, would you want AMD or a P4? Even when Conroe comes and I won't believe it's really coming till you can buy one, they won't stop selling P4's. You know why? Because demand will drive prices sky high, and that's even if you can get one at any price. They expect those who can't pony up to that to buy P4's instead. Instead those folks will say, "can buy a Conroe for a grand or a system 90% as fast for half that". It won't be rocket science.

AMD may (wait till you can buy them before you crow too loudly) have been outdone in raw speed. But it will be the basic bang for your buck folks who will still be buying AMD systems. And forget not that AMD has promised quad core should fit in that same AM2 socket. You can't even get Conroe to run in a current 975 board, let alone whatever board you want to run Conroe in when it finally arrives. You think quad core is going to be a drop in upgrade for Intel? I wouldn't place a bet on it, that's for sure.

So the market is heating up. But the more Intel releases air and words and not the physical products we want, the less I'm thinking Intel is doing so great.

"We basically took a look at this situation and said, this is bullshit." -- Newegg Chief Legal Officer Lee Cheng's take on patent troll Soverain
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