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HP TouchPad
When first place just isn't enough...

HP has been dominating the computer market in shipments and market share for the past few years. The company is the largest computer shipper in the world and is far ahead of the second place company in the computer realm. In the world of HP, that apparently equates to better than number one. 

HP is trying to step into the tablet market with its new TouchPad tablet that runs WebOS. The TouchPad was announced back in February and it sounds interesting with a 9.7-inch screen and other goodies under the hood. Many are wondering at this point if there is enough room in the tablet market for another major OS. 

Apple is dominating the tablet market with the iPad, but HP seems to think there is a place for it not only at the top of the tablet market, but at a threshold even higher. 

HP's European head Eric Cador has bragged that the company will be emulating its success in the computer market in the tablet market and that HP's TouchPad will be "better than number one."

Cador said, "In the PC world, with fewer ways of differentiating HP’s products from our competitors, we became number one; in the tablet world we’re going to become better than number one. We call it number one plus."

For HP to release anything resembling “number one plus” it will need to draw developers to make apps for the WebOS platform very quickly and the apps will need to be first rate. If Android tablets have taught the tablet world anything, it is that consumers will not buy your offerings based on boasts and name recognition. HP has said in the past that apps that run on the web will be easily adapted to run on WebOS as well.

Cador added, "Only one company plays in both the consumer and business and world. We tend to talk about technologies. But the way the user is going to look at tablets means it’s about experience. The way the corporate is going to look at it is to say that its employees, who are also consumers, have got to like it and it’s got to be secure. We’re going to deliver that. Beyond that, it’s about marketing and branding."

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By Reclaimer77 on 5/23/2011 12:04:34 PM , Rating: 0
Apparently the guy who comes up with names for HP devices isn't in a "better than #1" frame of mind. I mean, really? It's a pad you touch! WOW, how creative! All tablets are touch pads, there's nothing about the name "TouchPad" that differentiates the HP or makes it stand out.

Hell call it the HP Zero or HP OnePlus. Something, anything, but this generic rubbish.

RE: TouchPad?
By ApfDaMan on 5/23/2011 12:10:58 PM , Rating: 4
if it is "better than number one", the last thing people should be caring about is its name.

RE: TouchPad?
By Reclaimer77 on 5/23/2011 12:20:38 PM , Rating: 5
Marketing is one of the biggest reasons for the iPad's success. You cannot deny the importance of marketing in business. If it's "better than number one" and nobody knows it, or doesn't know what the product is called, then it doesn't matter how good it is.

RE: TouchPad?
By MeesterNid on 5/23/2011 12:37:01 PM , Rating: 2
I mean, right!? I think the only way they could've come up with a better name than "TouchPad" is if they called it a "Number Two".

RE: TouchPad?
By Taft12 on 5/23/11, Rating: 0
RE: TouchPad?
By lotharamious on 5/24/2011 4:45:36 PM , Rating: 2
Now who's gonna take over the world when I die...?

RE: TouchPad?
By theapparition on 5/23/2011 3:01:17 PM , Rating: 4
How about the HP Gruntmaster 4000.

RE: TouchPad?
By cjohnson2136 on 5/23/2011 3:33:44 PM , Rating: 2
Love the Dilbert reference

RE: TouchPad?
By callmeroy on 5/23/2011 4:04:25 PM , Rating: 2
HP SuperDuperTouchPad 9000

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