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So long study habits, we hardly knew ye

Microsoft has announced a new back-to-school deal for students that will land the students a computer and an Xbox 360 game console for one low price. The deal is good even if handing a student a free Xbox 360 isn't likely to help their grades.

The deal will see the student get a free 4GB Xbox 360 game console with the purchase of a Windows 7 computer that costs at least $699. Microsoft says that the deal is good on any computer meeting that price point, but it recommends the Dell Inspiron 14r or the Samsung Series 9 machines for students.

The way the student is verified as qualifying for the deal depends on where the computer is purchased. Students ordering online will need an .edu email address. Students that buy in stores will need a valid student ID to purchase. The offer will start May 22 and the end date will vary by retailer according to Microsoft. Similar deals will be coming to France and Canada as well. 

“A hot new Windows 7-based PC with a free Xbox 360 is the ultimate productivity, social and entertainment package for students,” said Kathleen Hall, general manager of Windows Marketing at Microsoft. “In one shot, with this great offer, Microsoft is giving students everything they need for a successful new school year.”

It's not clear exactly how the free Xbox 360 comes to the buyer. It is likely that the Xbox 360 comes via a mail-in offer, but Microsoft isn't clear on that. There is a remote chance that the Xbox is given when the computer is purchased.

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Great Marketing
By tng on 5/21/2011 4:46:59 PM , Rating: 2
My theory is that someone at MS figured out that if you can afford a $699 computer you are more likely to be able to afford games and a XBL subscription.

I have a company that I work with that gives the equipment they make away for practically free.... Just as long as the supplies you use on that equipment for the next 10 years are bought from them. Great business model.

RE: Great Marketing
By bety on 5/21/2011 6:29:56 PM , Rating: 2
Well, certainly MS counts on those things....console prices have never been big profit makers....

In addition though, I wonder if MS is trying to stem the tide of Mac use in University students. I've never seen stats on it, but frankly, I am constantly shocked at the numbers of University students I see using Macs. (at least in my country) And even among many PC users I talk to, many express a desire to have a Mac/wanted a Mac/will be getting a Mac...

RE: Great Marketing
By tng on 5/23/2011 10:58:16 AM , Rating: 2
If you just want to grab something off the shelf, plug it in and run with it, then a Mac might be for you.

If you want to learn something and dig into what a computer really can do, get a PC.....

I really don't know this for sure, but do you think that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame did all of his work on a Mac? Maybe he did , but I bet it was a PC.

Most serious business use is on PC, lots of software compatibility issues with Macs and allot of software that is common to business use as well is not really well set up to run on Macs...

The only thing that I have seen Macs excel at is graphic arts type of applications. Most of the graphic artists that I have met run high powered Macs.

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