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Verizon to cut off unlimited data plans this summer

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Let's See Some Numbers...
By Arsynic on 5/19/2011 5:03:44 PM , Rating: 2
Let's see the prices. Right now my wife is on a 150 MB plan for $15 which is really stupid. She probably uses like 80 MB a month though. I have "unlimited" (5GB) data through my job, but I probably use around 1 GB of it since my phone switches to Wifi data at home. If Verizon offered a 2 GB data plan for $30/month I'll be game.

However, based on their current pricing scheme they'll probably charge like $80/month for like 2 GB of shared data. Currently, both my wife and I would have shared minutes and then we each would spend $30 a month for "unlimited".

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