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Expected to launch 35 tablets by year's end

Intel Corp. is preparing to unveil nearly a dozen new tablet computers that run on its chips at Computex, at the end of May, the Wall Street Journal reports

Intel is seeking to expand beyond PCs and into the mobile market, where ARM has dominated thanks to licensees such as Qualcomm, NVIDIA, and Texas Instruments. 

Intel recently announced its new 22nm 3D Tri-Gate transistors that will boost performance by up to 37 percent compared to existing 32nm technology. It's all part of the company's focus on increasing performance while lowering power consumption -- a move aimed directly at ARM and its hold on the smartphone and tablet market.

Intel is launching a new set of Atom chips, codenamed Oak Trail, specifically for tablets. "While the project improves Intel's position, analysts say the company faces an uphill struggle, as it comes late to the game and is also handicapped by its lack of strong partnerships and applications designed for Android or other popular tablet operating systems, unlike its position in the PC world with Microsoft Inc.'s Windows," WSJ reports.

But Navin Shenoy, Intel's general manager for Asia-Pacific, told WSJ that more than 35 Intel-chip-based tablets are targeted to ship by the end of the year. He also mentioned that component shortages from Japan did not affect Intel's supply chain. 

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RE: Trigate
By phatboye on 5/20/2011 8:07:55 PM , Rating: 2
I am all but familiar with Intel's tick-Tock model having been keeping up with how Intel works for years. And while the article doesn't state specifically that the Saltwell arch won't hit the 22nm node you need to remember 2 things.

1) The Atom arch is not on the tick-tock model and has never been on it. That is why the first gen atoms where on the 45nm node for so long. If you even read the article it even states that.

2) If you clearly look at the picture in the middle of the page entittled "Accelerating the Atom(tm) SoC Roadmap" you can see quite clearly where the node changes occur. You can see toward the Core Arch that there is a clear transition path Nehelem->Sandy Bridge->Ivy Bridge->Future Product->Future Product. And also you can see where the node changes occur. Between Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge and Future Product/Future Product. However you do not see a node change in between Saltwell. You don't see a node change until 2012 and that will be for Silvermont. Now you are right the article doesn't explicitly say their won't be a node change for Saltwell but from just looking at that side I would assume their will not be one. Assuming anything else after looking at that slide is just plain silly.

RE: Trigate
By lol123 on 5/20/2011 11:40:58 PM , Rating: 2
You are right, I concentrated on the article text so I forgot to look at the roadmap. If it's really accurate that Intel will not be bringing Atom to 22nm when it's available (I think it's a possibility that the Medfield/Saltwell SoC might be produced on 22nm late in its life without receiving a new codename in the fashion of Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge), then I would consider that a departure from what they've been saying about how they want to focus their attention on mobile computing in the future.

RE: Trigate
By phatboye on 5/21/2011 8:51:58 AM , Rating: 2
Well from the way it looks, and the way that article sounded, it looks as though Intel is on track to bring Atom on to a similar 1 year tick tock model as it's Core arch so you can argue that they are focusing more on the mobile side of things. It really takes a lot of time and future planning to make something like moving to a schedule like that happen.

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