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Amazon vows to continue dropping "states who pass those affiliate laws"

Taxes have become a major issue for Amazon in many U.S. states, but the online retail giant isn't afraid to turn its back on those pressuring it to collect. 

A few years back, Amazon filed a lawsuit against the state of New York because NY tried to collect taxes from out-of-state transactions through Amazon. More recently, Texas State Comptroller Susan Combs charged Amazon $269 million in unpaid sales taxes on online sales. This led to Amazon's decision to close a distribution center and cancel further plans to expand operations in the state.  

While certain states are going after Amazon mainly due to the fact that the retailer's affiliates operate within these states, and because they need a way to offset huge budget deficits, they're not the only ones who have a bone to pick with Amazon. Brick-and-mortar competitors like Best Buy and Sears also want to see the retail giant collect taxes because they see Amazon as having an unfair advantage. 

Amazon is cutting loose from more U.S. states that continuously pressure the retailer to collect taxes. For instance, Illinois just passed a new law that requires online retailers to collect taxes if they have affiliates in the state. Amazon's answer to that is to cancel affiliate programs in the state of Illinois. 

In addition, both Texas and California are considering bills that would tax online sales. Amazon made it clear that it will simply continue to drop affiliates in U.S. states if the states continue down this path. 

"We will continue to drop states who pass those affiliate laws, from the affiliate program," said Chief Executive Jeff Bezos. "In the U.S., the constitution prohibits states from interfering in interstate commerce. The sales tax collection is very complicated. The right place to fix this is with federal legislation." 

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RE: Urg
By darckhart on 5/12/2011 2:31:58 PM , Rating: 2
Correct...and as the Govt. produces no physical goods they are not a productive part of the economic system.

WRONG. physical goods are not the only indicator of "productive part" of economic system. 1. The govt provides valuable services that enable other parts of the economic system to function. for example, judicial systems to enable IP rights. law enforcement and investigation to dissaude fraud. 2. The govt also provides tangible "products." For example, high technolgies provided by NASA free of charge to industry to allow development of consumer products.

Govt jobs do not create economic Growth...thus removing $150k worth of income from the private sector.

WRONG. I guess all that 150K x 2.8M feds ( income lost to the private sector was reeeally big compared to the HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS in the private sector by AIG, insert your favorite big banks here, others, sitting in a fat cat's pocket. Get real.

Only the private sector or consumers can create jobs.

WRONG. Any time you need someone to do something and will pay them to do it, it's a job.

The fact of the matter is that you need both parts in order to have a functioning economic system.

I applaud Amazon. If states are too short sighted and don't have the ability to exercise fiscal responsibility, screw them. Close a plant and see how they like it.

"If they're going to pirate somebody, we want it to be us rather than somebody else." -- Microsoft Business Group President Jeff Raikes

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