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Pieces of the crashed chopper used in the killing of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden feature a sophisticated stealth design.  (Source: Reuters via Newscom)

The choppers used reportedly were radar-avoiding modified Black Hawk MH-60 (pictured) helicopters designed by Lockheed Martin and manufactured by Boeing Comp.  (Source: Naval Technology)

Osama bin Laden was almost tipped off thanks to a release of information by Wikileaks just days before the attack.  (Source: The Times)

Osama bin Laden broke with his own procedure and stored hard drives around his house -- as a result, U.S. intelligence now has a wealth of info on Al Qaeda.  (Source: The Long War Journal)
Wikileaks published just days before that the U.S. was on to bin Laden's location, nearly tipped him off

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RE: To many questions
By icanhascpu on 5/8/2011 10:42:19 AM , Rating: 2
Why give his allies a Shrine to mourn over. We have just taken out their leader and given them nothing for

Because we are suppose to be better than them.

RE: To many questions
By voodoochile123 on 5/30/2011 9:40:53 PM , Rating: 2
Uhh says who?

We had people dancing in the streets cheering at his death. We are no better than them at all, we just have better gear.

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