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Over 24 million SOE accounts were accessed by hackers according to Sony.
"Look what you did, you little jerk!"

It was revealed last week that Sony's PlayStation Network database was breached, leaving 77 million accounts exposed. Sony is just revealing today that hackers accessed an additional 24.6 million customer accounts. In addition, 12,700 "non-U.S." credit cards and 10,700 bank account numbers have been compromised. 

If there is any consolation (however little it may be), Sony notes that credit card security codes were not obtained.

This additional attack was carried out on Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) and occurred between April 16 and April 17 -- SOE is responsible for massively multiplayer online (MMO) games like DC Universe Online, Everquest, and Star Wars Galaxies.

Sony notes that:

With the current outage of the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services and the ongoing investigation into the recent attacks, SOE had also undertaken an intensive investigation into its system. Upon discovery of this additional information, the company promptly shut down all servers related to SOE services while continuing to review and upgrade all of its online security systems in the face of these unprecedented cyber-attacks. 

Sony goes on to stay that SOE account information retrieved by hackers includes: name, address, e-mail address, birthdate, gender, phone number, login name, and hashed password. In addition, the 10,700 "direct debit records" (accounts based in Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Spain) include the customer's bank account number, name, account name, and physical address.

To make good on this latest security blunder, Sony will be giving customers 30 additional days of subscription service for free. However, time will only tell how many customers will be willing to stick around and give Sony a second or third chance to get things right when it comes to protecting customer data.

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RE: There's only one logical response to this:
By Zadoc on 5/3/2011 1:45:52 AM , Rating: 2
Are you surprised that Sony had to close its online gaming unit?


Click to vote

RE: There's only one logical response to this:
By Mitch101 on 5/3/2011 11:16:01 AM , Rating: 2
Buddy of mine just sent me this:

man i still can't:
1) Play my new socom game, which is online multiplayer shooter
2) Link my PSN accout to my steam account and get my free PC version of portal 2. That's the whole reason I bought the ps3 portal 2 over xbox

RE: There's only one logical response to this:
By heffeque on 5/3/2011 12:50:20 PM , Rating: 5
I just heard Sony was going to change their name for Sorry.

RE: There's only one logical response to this:
By kattanna on 5/3/2011 3:44:43 PM , Rating: 2
they will only be sorry when people start voting with their wallet away from sony.

but since that is highly unlikely and a month or so from now all but forgotten about, things will not change

By Lazarus Dark on 5/3/2011 9:39:37 PM , Rating: 2
I want to argue, I really, really do. But I can't. You are almost certainly right I am very, very sorry to say. As soon as they get the games running again, the players will be too busy playing to care anymore. Sure, there will be a few defectors after this, just as I and many others defected after the rootkit BS. But most really don't seem to care that they get screwed over and over again. I think the only hope of Sony learning anything is from lawsuits at this point. But then, the rootkit lawsuits didn't do a thing...

By FastEddieLB on 5/3/2011 6:50:17 PM , Rating: 2
I find it funny that the most complaints I'm seeing are "B'AWWWW I CAN'T PLAY <insert FPS here> NOW" because I've always played FPS games (Portal included) on Windows strictly because of the Mouse interface for aiming. Controllers suck for that, and yet people keep buying shooters on consoles. It amazes me.

My big complaint? I can't play Marvel vs Capcom or Rock Band with any of my out-of-state friends because of this, but I find ways to occupy my time regardless.

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