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After wanting an iPad for every U.S. schoolchild, Jackson now says the iPad is killing jobs for Americans

Just last month, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) created a proposal that would provide an iPad for every student across the United States in an effort to guarantee all Americans the equal right to an education. Now, Jackson is quickly turning against the iPad, saying it is killing jobs. 

In the beginning of March, Jackson proposed the idea to amend the Constitution so that every American has a chance to obtain an equal education, and under this amendment, he suggested that the federal government provides an iPad, Kindle, or Nook for every child in school in the U.S.

Jackson even praised the iPad and devices like it on the House floor. He noted that the iPad and other similar gadgets are "products of the First Amendment," and that they maintain the rights of the First Amendment. 

"Let me be clear about a few things," said Jackson. "These devices are revolutionizing our country - and they will fundamentally alter how we will educate our children. Yes, there will be a cost, but if we can find the money for the wars, if we can find the money to bail out Wall Street, certainly we can find the money to educate our kids at an equally high-quality level."

Now, only one month later, Jackson is changing his tune entirely. On the House floor this past Friday afternoon, Jackson threw the iPad under the bus and opted for a more negative viewpoint on the device's influence. 

"A few short weeks ago, I came to the House floor after having purchased an iPad and said that I happened to believe, Mr. Speaker, that at some point in time this new device, which is now probably responsible for eliminating thousands of American jobs," said Jackson. "Now Borders is closing stores because, why do you need to go to Borders anymore? Why do you need to go to Barnes & Noble? Buy an iPad and download your newspaper, download your book, download your magazine." 

Jackson went on to express concern for publishers, libraries and paper companies that are being affected by the iPad. According to Jackson, Chicago State University is introducing iPads to freshmen in an effort to achieve a "textbookless" campus in a four-year period, which will also hurt publishing industries. 

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RE: Boo hoo
By iluvdeal on 4/18/2011 11:01:32 PM , Rating: 5
These publishing companies rape colleges every year with their insanely high prices and worthless yearly revisions. It's such a scam. I expect them to continue try to charge inflated prices for the ebook version, which will of course only drive more students to "borrow" their friend's copy. The day of reckoning is coming, after all those years of ripping off college students, these textbook companies will get what's coming to them.

RE: Boo hoo
By aharris02 on 4/19/2011 8:48:20 AM , Rating: 4

The music/movie publishing industries could stand to learn a thing or two here.

RE: Boo hoo
By spread on 4/19/2011 11:24:15 AM , Rating: 3
But they won't.

RE: Boo hoo
By Raiders12 on 4/19/2011 9:54:48 AM , Rating: 4
Ive had to "upgrade" editions over the course of winter break, simply because for the 2nd part of the course, the 2011 book was required. These guys can rot in hell.

RE: Boo hoo
By Dr of crap on 4/19/2011 10:50:10 AM , Rating: 5
Yea, but what about the colleges? They are at fault as well.

They could use the same book for a few years saving the students some money by there being more used books, and then the higher by back program.

RE: Boo hoo
By kattanna on 4/19/2011 11:25:57 AM , Rating: 3
yep! some subjects simply dont change all that much. like math

why the hell do i need a 2010 edition of a math book? it hasnt changed in decades to hundreds of years.

i have had though one math teacher who provided used copies of an old algebra text book, because as he stated "it hasnt changed since before i was born" LOL

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