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AMD plays the blind squirrel, but that won't last says analyst

Intel had big expectations for Sandy Bridge in notebook computers. The Sandy Bridge platform was the first CPU from Intel to offer graphics and the processor on the same die.

EWeek reports that FBR Capital Markets analyst Craig Berger has noted that after checks with six of the top ODMs for notebooks builds of machines using the new processors from Intel were lower than expected during Q1 and similarly low builds are expected in Q2 as well. Berger wrote, "While notebook demand could improve, and builds could get ratcheted up by June, our contacts suggest Intel's Sandy Bridge products are not stimulating as much end demand as expected, likely impacting AMD, too."

The reason that some think the Sandy Bridge platform isn’t selling well is the Cougar Point flaw that was reported back in late January. The flaw affected SATA ports on boards that used the chipset. The issue would likely result in reduced performance over time. Intel has started shipping the flawed chipsets again in configurations that won't be affected by the SATA ports that may become non-functional over time.

AMD has already noted that Intel's folly with the Cougar Point chipset has helped it to gain some ground. Other than the Cougar Point issue, analysts also think that the booming tablet market may be cutting into the notebook market resulting in reduced sales. AMD expected to benefit from the issue with Intel chipsets, but Berger doesn't expect that benefit to last long. He thinks AMD's Q1 revenue will hit the high-end of expectations or perhaps even exceed the high-end but he doesn't expect that to carry over into Q2.

Berger said, "So, if AMD does achieve the high end of revenue guidance, or potentially better, the upside is likely short term in nature and due to customers turning to AMD for product when Intel's Sandy Bridge was less available due to the chipset bug recall," Berger said in the note. "For 2Q, we think AMD's revenues will fall [quarter over quarter] given its 14th week in 1Q, Intel chipset goodness unwinding, and sluggish desktop builds, still rather unexciting."

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What is up with this intel is exspensive garbage
By Onimuto on 4/5/2011 12:15:21 PM , Rating: 2
Ok so I don't upgrade often. Last notebook I had was a toshiba Amd x2 base with a 1800 ati series. 4 gigs ram ddr2 dual channel At the time it was the best hardware but over the years became slower due to more demanding os, games, and such. Works with windows 7 fine , 64 bit about kills preformace even thou I have all the drivers to make it work. So I wiped it clean reinstalled windows ultimate 7 32 bit. Gave it to my mother.
But of course before I did this I bought my new notebook. Now for one I hold no loyalty to any name brand. Regardless if it's dish cleaner, car, game, system ect. I buy what is the best at the time in the price range I am willing to buy.
So I awaited sandy bridge release , at the time only a few vendors offered sandy bridge notebook which were lenovo , msi, asus, Hp. I set my price at $1000
Which is far lower and cheap (unless you flipping burgers at mc donnalds).
I ended up getting a Hp dv7t-quad
I-7 2630
6 gigs ddr3 1333
Ati 6770
One hdd 750 gig 5400 rmp ( has second hard drive slot)
Blu ray drive
17.4 inch screen
Finger print reader
Hd web cam with mic and noise cancleatoon mic
Of course all the normal connection interfaces in today's notebook 4 USB,esata, hdmi, VGA, sd, LAN ect
Price after tax $1099
Is that really expensive?
The only thing I wish I would have done is gotten the 2720 since it
Has hardware virtualzation on the chip instead of software virtualzation like the 2630.
And preformce wise this thing is faster than the extrem editon 32nano 940xm , quite a feat as looking at benchmarks and seeing that intel has never really made there weakest chip stronger then last gen. The I-7 2630 is mind you the weakest quad core I-7 , anything lower is dual core I-7 and embedded chips.
I run windows 7 ultimate 64 with dreamsceen and vmware running Mac os x 10.6.6 at the same time flawlessly ( granted it took some tweaking to get the iPhone sdk to run correctly in the virtual Mac) .
Buying cheap notebook is like buying a $99 push mower. You do know why we call them throw away mowers?
I-3 notebook are cheap Enuf , now as far as I-5 price is to close normally to the I-7 notebooks might as well get off your broke ass and put up $100 more bucks.
I won't be buying another notebook till haswell micro comes out. But as far as I am concerend intel isn't expsensive. Well unless you want to buy there extrem editions

By Shadowmaster625 on 4/6/2011 9:21:46 AM , Rating: 2
Yes that is "exspensive", especially for something that dont have an SSD.

"Folks that want porn can buy an Android phone." -- Steve Jobs
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