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New England saw over 18% more fatalities in 2010 than 2009  (Source: Detroit News)
Less deaths thanks to safer cars and other factors

Despite all the warnings and talk about traffic fatalities related to distracted driving and texting while driving, many continue these unsafe activities. Despite the continued ignoring of law in many states by many drivers, the death rate from traffic fatalities has declined in 2010.

What's impressive about the decline in deaths from traffic accidents in 2010 is that it happened despite the fact that more driver miles were reported in 2010. This is the fifth straight year that a reduction in fatalities on the nation's highways has been recorded. In 2010, the number of deaths in on the roads in America dropped to 32,788. That is the lowest number since 1949 according to federal regulators.

Fatalities also declined 3.2% compared to the number from 2009. The highway miles increased in 2010 to about 20.5 billion miles more than in 2009.

However, there are three areas in the U.S that saw an increase in traffic fatalities in 2010. The areas include New England and the Midwest with fatalities up 18.9% in New England and 3.9% in the Midwest. The figures are based on projections with final numbers to be released this summer.

The 2010 fatality rate is expected to be 1.09 fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled; the rate was 1.13 per 100 million miles in 2009.

"Last year's drop in traffic fatalities is welcome news and it proves that we can make a difference," said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. "Still, too many of our friends and neighbors are killed in preventable roadway tragedies every day. We will continue doing everything possible to make cars safer, increase seat belt use, put a stop to drunk driving and distracted driving and encourage drivers to put safety first."

LaHood is one of the driving forces behind the bans on texting while driving and the push to hands free technology. However, LaHood isn't opposed to seeking bans on hands free tech as well if it is found to contribute to accidents on the nation's roads. The reduced deaths are attributed to better policing of drunk drivers and safer cars among other things.

David Strickland from the NHTSA said, "NHTSA will continue pressing forward on all of our safety initiatives to make sure our roads are as safe [as possible]."

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RE: "We don't care"
By Kurz on 4/1/2011 2:35:28 PM , Rating: 3
It also has a strong effect of increasing Violence, Crime, Proverty, more people in our prison systems which just come in to join the crimial club for the rest of their lives.

Legalization of all drugs (besides Antibiotics) is the only sane solution.

RE: "We don't care"
By The Raven on 4/1/2011 3:08:07 PM , Rating: 3
besides Antibiotics

Say what? I'd hate to see a black antibiotic market lol.

RE: "We don't care"
By theArchMichael on 4/1/11, Rating: 0
RE: "We don't care"
By Kurz on 4/1/2011 3:34:12 PM , Rating: 4
I just hate Bacteria that are immune to antibiotics because some moron didn't follow the directions.

Antibiotics are probably one of the few drugs that can effect others besides yourself.

RE: "We don't care"
By The Raven on 4/1/2011 5:26:06 PM , Rating: 2
I don't follow you, because many other drugs are very dangerous to society. Ever heard of someone killed by a drunk driver?
Plus I just hate bacteria that are immune to antibiotics because some moron who did follow the directions as well.

We can't take away someone's freedom just because WE think wanton AB abuse is bad and others don't.

RE: "We don't care"
By ClownPuncher on 4/1/2011 6:14:24 PM , Rating: 1
Driving under the influence is already illegal. Being under the influence is not.

Banning the use of anything is a fundamentally flawed ideal.

RE: "We don't care"
By TSS on 4/1/2011 7:53:40 PM , Rating: 2
Freedom is far *less* important then the prevention of creating anti-biotic resistant bacteria.

I just had a bowel infection for a week. Had to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes in constant pain. No more then 3 hours of sleep each night, in 1 hour intervals. If there is anything i'd call the opposite of free i'd say that.

6 pills, 2 a day for 3 days. Cleared it right up. Pre-anti biotics, it would've taken 3 months, if it didn't kill me.

And that pain didn't even register compared to the tooth infection i had 3 weeks ago for 10 days. Anti biotics took care of that within a week as well.

I sincerly do not want to think how much pain i would've had with both infections concurrently, nor how long that would've taken.

If we lose anti biotics medicin is back in the dark ages. And all it takes is 1 smuck who took anti biotics every time he had a runny nose because his busy schedule didn't allow him to be sick, and when the real thing hit, he had too much of a tolerance.

Hell even killing 40 million people would be justified if that would forever prevent anti-biotic resistant bacteria. That would be a blip on the amount of death there would be with a outbreak of a new super bacteria. Especially with todays crowded population centers.

RE: "We don't care"
By ClownPuncher on 4/1/2011 7:57:18 PM , Rating: 4
You're supposed to wash the carrot before you put it all the way up there.

RE: "We don't care"
By wordsworm on 4/2/2011 10:28:31 PM , Rating: 2
Did it ever occur to you that it's the people who take antibiotics at the drop of a hat that are the problem?

I don't take antibiotics. Most of the time they serve no purpose and do more harm than good.

Let's see... last week, no bowel infection. Actually, I've never had one.

Tooth infection... well, I keep my gums clean. I've never had a tooth infection either.

Maybe you're the problem because of all the antibiotics you take.

I know folks who will take them for any illness at all. They get a common cold or a flu, the doc gives them a shot and he or she gets his enormous fee for his secretary to administer the shot. Meanwhile, there's no telling if what's making them sick was a bacterial infection or a viral infection.

Antibiotics are heavily abused. It's those people who are causing antibiotic resistance. They're the problem. Did you know that antibiotics kill not only the bacteria that make us sick, but also the bacteria that makes us healthy? How do you know that the antibiotics that you took for your toothache didn't kill helpful bacteria in your bowel which made it vulnerable to a bacterial infection? Often it's about balance, and when you use those drugs, your system goes into a bacterial imbalance.

In any case, since you clearly need more antibiotics than people like me, who rely on good diet, exercise, and hygiene to stay healthy, perhaps you ought to volunteer yourself as one of the 40 million to be exterminated.

In any case, just so you know, there are alternatives to living in metropolises. There are also rural areas. If you think that there are too many people where you live, go find somewhere else to live.

RE: "We don't care"
By Kurz on 4/2/2011 10:59:55 AM , Rating: 2
People are still held accountable for their actions by getting wasted and driving. If they kill someone while being intoxicated they should be punished as such.

Antibiotics effect more than yourself, they effect society at large if they were taken incorrectly. Bacteria has the amazing ability to adapt to whatever situation they are placed in. Eventually we'll have these super bugs (we already do) that no one can treat or it'll be very diffcult to.

I can't think of any other drug I would restrict. You can snort coke, it doesnt bother me. Though your actions under the substance is still your fault.

RE: "We don't care"
By The Raven on 4/4/2011 10:07:06 AM , Rating: 2
I still don't get you, because if a drunk driver crashes into you, he kills you and himself. How is that different than the guy who takes ABs and kills you and himself?

I know you might be looking at the bigger picture where many people are killed by the superbugs, but for that one person or family that the drunk kills it is no different.

Still, I would rather have the Abs distributed in a relatively professional manner than just having people trading them on the street with incorrect instructions for use. That will get us to the superbugs faster than the current state of affairs. In theory, it only takes one moron to get an epidemic started.

RE: "We don't care"
By Kurz on 4/4/2011 1:57:17 PM , Rating: 2
I think you misunderstood me... I am not saying Anti-biotics are going to be illegal to take... I am saying that it should be a controlled substance, while all other drugs should be legalized to take with or without doctor recommendation.

If I bust my foot I should be able to go CVS and pick up an Opiate pain killer.

Though you are blaming the drug and not the individual.
I hold the individual accountable for their own actions.

However, I hold the exception for Anti-biotics because even now Bacteria are becoming resistant to our best efforts.

RE: "We don't care"
By Samus on 4/4/2011 4:02:45 PM , Rating: 2
I smashed head-on into a concrete wall in my SVT Focus auto-x'ing and yes, I had a 4-point harness, but it still felt like a cloud colliding with a pillow . The door opened, I got out. The car was completely totalled. In retrospect, well worth it.

Thank you, governing bodies of the world, for pressuring automotive manufactures to make safer cars. I've been in a similar accident in a 80's Fox-body Mustang, and lets just say I've had a limp since the dash smashed my knee. The irony being the hood was 16" longer than the Focus, and the Mustang actually weighed less.

RE: "We don't care"
By Kurz on 4/5/2011 9:57:34 AM , Rating: 2
Sad... Last time I checked 4-point harnesses were not stock.

RE: "We don't care"
By The Raven on 4/6/2011 10:15:33 AM , Rating: 2
I hear you now. Though if I were to buy ABs from someone in that case I would still want to do it on the black market and just get advice from my doctor friend instead of having to put down a copay and miss work, etc. You could make it illegal to do such just as long as you don't hold the doc liable. I would break that law (if I wanted ABs).

But I did not misunderstand you... you just said it completely wrong.
Legalization of all drugs (besides Antibiotics) is the only sane solution.

But we all do that sometimes. Its all good now.

“Then they pop up and say ‘Hello, surprise! Give us your money or we will shut you down!' Screw them. Seriously, screw them. You can quote me on that.” -- Newegg Chief Legal Officer Lee Cheng referencing patent trolls

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