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AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson   (Source: ZDNET)
AT&T's CEO makes a case for iPhone customers in T-Mobile deal

AT&T raised more than a few eyebrows when it announced its plans to purchase Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile unit for a whopping $39B earlier this year. Verizon gave the announcement a hearty "meh", while Sprint's early grumblings about the deal turned into a full-blown battle cry

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson is now making a case for the deal, and is specifically citing iPhone users as benefiting from the merger reports Business Week

Stephenson says that the bringing T-Mobile into the fold will boost network capacity (by as much as 30 percent) and improve service for the iPhone and other smartphones that hog data.

“This transaction is very instrumental," said Stephenson. “Virtually on the day you close the deal, getting a 30 percent lift in capacity in New York City: that’s a significant improvement in call quality and data throughput.”

As for Sprint's concerns about the deal going through, Stephenson says that there is nothing to worry about. “This is an intensely competitive industry. It is intense before we do this transaction, it will be intense after we do this transaction.”

Reviewers, customers, and independent agencies have repeatedly blasted AT&T’s 3G service. In December 2010, Consumer Reports proclaimed,  "AT&T is the worst carrier." AT&T ranked dead last in a survey of 58,000 Consumer Reports readers.

AT&T notoriously shoddy 3G voice/data service was seen as one of the motivators for customers to drop AT&T and head straight for Verizon's version of the iPhone 4.

Nearly two years ago, there were reports indicating that AT&T had a 30 percent dropped call rate in New York City. And we can't forget Verizon's Holiday 2009 commercials that took numerous jabs at AT&T's call quality and service coverage.

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This will benifit t-mobile customers more
By HrilL on 3/30/2011 7:11:05 PM , Rating: 1
Every time I go snowboarding I get a warm fuzzy feeling that I don't have T-mobile. At&t and Verizon at least both have service in these types of locations. Even Big Bear Lake has no T-mobile service and the same goes for Mammoth Lakes. These are areas where cell phones have literally saved lives. Not having any service at all on the mountain also makes it hard to coordinate with friends. We'd always have one or two friends that we would get separated with and never find until we got back to the cabin.

After this merger happens we'll finally all be able to be in contact.

But I do see this as a down side for competition. At&t and Verizon already have almost the exact same prices and don't really compete. Duopolies are a bad thing. Ma Bell is coming back that's for sure and the only winner is the corporations.

By chick0n on 3/31/2011 7:54:08 AM , Rating: 2
I never had any problem at Big Bear Lake ?

Sure signal gets weaker, perhaps Your phone sucks?

Monopoly gives you better service? Damn we all learn something new everyday don't we ?

By mars2k on 3/31/2011 11:55:18 AM , Rating: 2
Yes I'm trying to think of what Bear lake will look like when 20 million T-mobile users go there to use the fabulous new ATT service.
I have T-Mobile now primarily because it is NOT ATT. T-Mobile has unlimited phone/ data plans at the lowest rates available. That will all change. Another thing that will change is will be service. Oh my God! Have any of you tried to get service from ATT after hrs? Forget it.
Another thing, in my book a totally free market would include competition with all players, government included. After all the government service would have to be responsive to the “invisible hand of the market”. Also in my book,….. no restriction of the marketplace OF ANY KIND, meaning the government can step in when private can’t or won’t do it well.
Free Market, what nonsense! There is no free market. That’s just the claptrap conservative nincompoops spew to rationalize the sociopathic behavior of corporations with the money to buy whatever legislation they want.

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