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Say goodbye to the T-Mobile girl
AT&T to shake up the U.S. wireless market with T-Mobile purchase

Well, that one came of left field. It was just a few weeks ago that we were talking about the possibility of Sprint snatching up T-Mobile from Deutsche Telekom. However, the tables turned today when AT&T announced that it would be purchasing T-Mobile for $39 billion USD – the actual breakdown will include $25 billion in cash and the rest in stock.

"This transaction represents a major commitment to strengthen and expand critical infrastructure for our nation's future," said Randall Stephenson, AT&T Chairman and CEO. "It will improve network quality, and it will bring advanced LTE capabilities to more than 294 million people.

"This transaction delivers significant customer, shareowner and public benefits that are available at this level only from the combination of these two companies with complementary network technologies, spectrum positions and operations. We are confident in our ability to execute a seamless integration, and with additional spectrum and network capabilities, we can better meet our customers’ current demands, build for the future and help achieve the President’s goals for a high-speed, wirelessly connected America.”

The deal would of course have to be approved by U.S. regulating bodies, but if all goes well, AT&T and Deutsche Telekom hope to have the transition finalized within the next year. 

AT&T currently has 95.5 million customers putting in second place behind Verizon’s 102.2 million customers. Adding T-Mobile’s 33.7 million customers will make AT&T the largest wireless carrier in the U.S. by far. 

AT&T is also looking to boost its nascent LTE efforts with this transaction, and will bring the technology to 95 percent of the U.S. population. AT&T will also spend an additional $8 billion over the next five years to boost its infrastructure investment within the U.S. 

We can only hope that the T-Mobile acquisition, broadened LTE deployments, and increased spending on infrastructure will improve AT&Ts famously "fragile" wireless network. 

AT&T made headlines last week – and drew the wrath of many – when it announced that it would start cracking down on users that were using “illegal” jailbreak apps to tether data with their smartphones.

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RE: Its the 80s all over again
By Solandri on 3/20/2011 11:06:18 PM , Rating: 5
As a Canadian I offer a sympathetic pat on the back, After years of living with the Bell-us du-opoly, I can sympathize with your growing plight.

It still has to get FCC/FTC approval, so it's by no means a done deal.

Hmm, if they approve it, can we start calling it AT&T&T?

At least you don't pay minimum $50 a month for 200 minutes airtime and 500mb data, while having to pay 15 bucks a month extra on top of that for call display and voice mail, as we do here.

I spent a couple years in Canada, and your cell phone prices are ridiculous. It actually turned out to be cheaper for me to add Canada roaming to my U.S. plan and pay $0.20/min for calls while in Canada, than for me to get a Canadian cell phone.

RE: Its the 80s all over again
By Omega215D on 3/21/2011 2:10:10 AM , Rating: 2
Don't be ridiculous... it'll become AT&T-Mobile. All your cellphone are belong to us! =P

Aren't there pre-paid SIM cards in Canada? Strangely enough Verizon unlocked the world phone that I had when I asked. Just in case I find myself in another country.

By Breakfast Susej on 3/21/2011 10:29:05 AM , Rating: 2
You know what the absolute saddest thing is? The best deal you can get on a prepaid cell in Canada is from, drumroll...


Yes 7-11 the convenience store.

They have a division called speak out wireless which is really using rogers network.

They are the only prepaid provider in Canada I am aware of that allows your minutes to carry for a whole year. And if you buy more in that time your previous minutes get refreshed, so you get to keep them. All the other providers force you to buy minutes every month, as they expire in 30 days and do not carry over if you buy more.

I set my mother up with one of these for an emergency phone. I had my old sony ericsson rogers phone that is actually a great simple little phone, so I payed $5 to unlock it on ebay, bought a 7-11 prepaid and dropped the sim from the garbage 7-11 phone in it. Now it costs $25 a year for her to have an emergency phone and she gets to keep unused minutes. Previously she was being soaked $10 a month for a bell-us prepaid she used once in a blue moon.

That all being said it is still in no way a good deal. It's like 25 cents a minute, so it's pretty much only good for uses like this an emergency phone. Or drug dealers of course.

By Breakfast Susej on 3/21/2011 10:21:50 AM , Rating: 2
The really sad part is how they rape and pillage on things like call display and voice mail.

I work for a company that provides VoIP, and call display / voice-mail cost the company literally nothing. It's so trivial it is of course thrown in free.

When you call Bell-us or Rogers to cancel your service they transfer you over to the customer retention department where they attempt to lure you into staying. The first thing they try to do every time is sacrifice the call display and voice mail (which costs them nothing) to make you think you are getting a deal and stay on their service.

They also call constantly trying to lure customers from carrier to carrier with tricks like this to make you think you are getting a deal. I get calls on my Telus phone all the time from Bell reps, (most often at extremely annoying times) trying this tactic.

I use a phone provided by work so it doesn't matter as much to me, but we get absolutely raped by the du-opoly up here for sure.

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