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Company sees PC as "the most variable"

Piracy has become a large worry in many areas of the entertainment industry. For instance, several film studios urged an Australian ISP to warn users against piracy of illegal movies. Another recent report stated that major record labels had to pay $45 million for pirating music. 

But movies and music are not the only victims of piracy. PC games have had a bit of a piracy issue themselves, with games like "Spore" becoming some of the most pirated PC games in history. In 2008, TorrentFreak listed "Spore" as the most downloaded PC game on BitTorrent with a download count of 1.7 million. "The Sims 2" was in second place with a download count of 1.15 million copies. In more recent months, games like "Dragon Age 2" and "Crysis 2" have been leaked onto torrent sites.

So with piracy hitting the PC game industry as well, many have questioned whether it is worth making PC versions of games anymore. But despite those who doubt the financial worth of PC games, there is one video game developer that still believes these games are important to the gaming industry.

"Some people say PC is dying. Some people say PC is the future," said Eric Barker, studio manager of video game developer Volition. "PC is the most variable, because it depends on what you've got under the hood. For us, the key thing was making sure the PC version was done in-house."

Barker is talking about the PC versions of Volition's "Saints Row: The Third" and "Red Faction: Armageddon," which are both due to be released in 2011. Barker has no doubt that the PC versions of both games will be worth the time and money needed to develop them.

"You should see [the PC version of 'Red Faction:Armageddon'], it looks absolutely beautiful," said Barker. "If you've got a great graphics card it looks fantastic. We definitely believe PC games are great and if they're done right and done well by a studio, they're phenomenal. There's a lot of debate and discussion. I can't predict the future, but I'm really happy with how 'Red Faction: Armageddon' looks on PC. It's beautiful."

"Saints Row 2" and "Red Faction: Guerrilla," the two previous versions of the upcoming games that were created by external studios, experienced quality issues with PC ports, which is why Barker was adamant about completing the new versions "in-house." Piracy is not something that'll keep him from creating excellent PC games for avid users. 

"I don't think [piracy] is something at the forefront for us," said Barker. "First and foremost, we want to make sure we're making a game people would want to pirate. 

"Let's make a game that's worth stealing, and then we'll worry about making sure they don't."

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Tip for gamehouses...
By petrosy on 3/20/2011 7:25:40 PM , Rating: 1

As a pc gamer I am not interested in playing some halfbaked console game. I am happy to part with my hard earned cash for a decent game... but RED FACTION... please don't make me laugh!

RE: Tip for gamehouses...
By kmmatney on 3/20/2011 10:16:14 PM , Rating: 3
The fact is, all the big game companies make more money from console games, so this is a trend that is going to stay.

At least with PC, there is the possibility of downloading patches and mods to improve things. The default UI of Oblivion was annoying, being a direct console port - however there were soon plenty of mods which greatly improved things, and made it more suitable for a PC.

RE: Tip for gamehouses...
By RjBass on 3/21/2011 9:26:29 AM , Rating: 2
For the next year or two you will be seeing way more games made for PC and then ported to console. The console market is getting stale with seriously old hardware that just can't match what a midrange graphics card and produce in a PC these days. Developers are looking at the PC again to make their games with the best cutting edge graphics available. Now this might change when the next generation of consoles becomes available, but for now it's safe. A great example is the upcoming BF3 due out this fall. That game was made for PC and from the trailers, looks just fantastic.,opinion-...

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