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Peter Vesterbacka says console games are too expensive at $40 or $50 per game, and take too long and too much work to upgrade

Angry Birds is easily one of the most popular games on the mobile market today, but the game's popularity isn't the only thing swelling these days. The maker of Angry Birds has recently announced that console games are "dying" in favor of mobile games. 

Angry Birds has been wildly successful since its release in December 2009 for Apple's iOS. With over 200 levels, special holiday editions and a low price of only 99 cents, consumers have been receptive to the game's witty and addictive themes. In fact, the game has just passed 100 million downloads, and Rovio Mobile, the computer game developer that created Angry Birds, recently announced $42 million in new funding. 

With all this success, Peter Vesterbacka, CEO of Rovio Mobile, predicted the end times of console gaming at a panel at the South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin. According to Vesterbacka, traditional console games are much too expensive at $40 or $50 per game, and are "difficult to upgrade" while mobile games are easier to develop and release. 

But some have argued that mobile games are more casual while console games provide a more substantial gaming experience with cutting-edge technology and extensive plots. Even Tero Ojanpera, the panel member from Nokia, said console's still had a place in the gaming industry.
In response, Vesterbacka says he is tired of people calling mobile games "casual games," and that gamers can be just as addicted and involved in Angry Birds as any console game. He even mentioned a time when he saw an Angry Birds player throw their phone across the room in frustration when they could not complete a level. 

While Vesterbacka has admitted that no one has really figured out the mobile gaming business model quite yet, he believes Angry Birds has proved that there is plenty of potential opportunity in the business, and Rovio's secret to success is to experiment. It is important, says Vesterbacka, that Rovio does not get too comfortable with any specific business model in order to stay fresh and on top of its game. 

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Open Letter to DT Editor(s)
By MDGeek on 3/14/2011 12:47:25 PM , Rating: -1
Dear Editor(s);

Contrary to your coverage history on every aspect of technology news, Why is it that there has not been a single article on your website ( relating to Apple iPad2 launch, sales, reviews, etc. since four days it went on sale?

When Verizon iPhone4 was launched, there was no shortage of dooms and failures predictions on your daily articles. However favorable or unfavorable your coverage might be on all-things-Apple, at least it fulfills the journalistic requirement of being mentioned in your daily round-up.
It begs the question of What has changed now?
Should we interpret your silence on the subject as an admission that Motorola Xoom did not outshine iPad2 as your Android Fanboyz had hoped or is it a protest against yet another record setting sales figure by Apple iDevice??

Please respond. Just say something. Anything. Don’t leave us your humble readers in darkness especially at this critical time!

yours truly,

RE: Open Letter to DT Editor(s)
By MartyLK on 3/14/2011 1:10:17 PM , Rating: 2
Yeah, that really pleases me. I was actually swamped in an Apple forum, iLounge, by Apple haters who didn't like me saying I would not buy a Xoom over an iPad2.

What pleases me is the iPad2 blows the Xoom away in graphics performance and the Xoom is loaded with that "OMG! nVdida tech"....LMAO

Motorola has not had a decent product since the Razor so many years ago. The current stuff is, over-designed, over-priced, over-hyped and under-whelming. If any Motorola stuff were actually good, I would support it. But it isn't. And it isn't worth it to spend $800 on a 32GB Xoom over a less expensive 64GB iPad2, especially now that the iPad2 has shown to be the world champ.

Sucks to be an Apple hater now.

RE: Open Letter to DT Editor(s)
By kleinma on 3/14/2011 2:39:54 PM , Rating: 2
iPad2, now with more i

I mean really what the hell do we need to know about the iPad2?

Cameras? check
Faster CPU? check
Gyroscope? check
Thinner? check

article done.

RE: Open Letter to DT Editor(s)
By DNAgent on 3/14/2011 10:30:30 PM , Rating: 2
Don't let this one get away, DT! Send an offer letter NOW

By shortylickens on 3/17/2011 8:03:25 PM , Rating: 2
Well, aside from the Droid.
And the Droid 2.
And the other 4 or 5 phones they've had all the past 18 months.
Aside from all those they havent had a decent product.

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