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Study blames human activity for climate change

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There's no such thing as "balance".
By cochy on 3/14/2011 3:51:00 PM , Rating: 2
NASA and international university researchers claim that humans have thrown off the balance between the Earth's rotation, surface air temperatures and movements in its molten core through our contribution of greenhouse gases.

"Balance" is an illusion cast upon the eyes of those who don't look deep into geological past. If you only go back 200 years or so you're tricked to believe the Earth isn't a dynamic and constantly changing world.

This study is moronic at best. How does it explain the ice ages? How does it explain warmer pre-historic temperatures? Snowball Earth? So according to this theory the Earth's core has been slowing down and speeding up, the days have been shorter then longer then shorter again? Is man the only source of greenhouse gas?

Were the stromatolites wrong to change the "balance" of the atmosphere by adding oxygen to it? Gee it's a good thing they screw with the Earth's natural "balance" back then huh?

Face the facts that this world will change with or certainly without humans doing their thing. If you honestly want to screw up the planet then you can try to keep it static and not let it change into something that might not suite humans so well.

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