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The end is near for all-you-can-eat broadband plans

If you are an AT&T DSL or U-Verse customer and just so happen to be an extreme data hog, your reign of terror will soon be over. DSL Reports is indicating that AT&T plans to implement new data caps on customers starting May 2 (notices will be sent to customers between March 18 and March 31).

The data caps will be set at 150GB for DSL customers and 250GB for U-Verse customers. As somewhat of a token gesture to customers, the bandwidth limit can be exceeded twice over the life of your account without ill effect. However, overage fees will be put in place upon the third time that your monthly data allotment is exceeded. 

Overage fees will be $10 for every 50GB that you go over the limit. However, AT&T will send notices to customers at the 65, 90, and 100 percent data cap thresholds, so there should be no excuse for customers to not know when they are approaching their monthly limits.

AT&T already imposes data limits on its wireless plans, so this move to landline data connections should come as no surprise. Like its wireless data caps, AT&T cites a small minority of customers that hog a disproportionate amount of bandwidth.

"The top 2 percent of residential subscribers uses about 20 percent of the bandwidth on our network," said AT&T in a statement to Engadget. "Just one of these high-traffic users can utilize the same amount of data capacity as 19 typical households."

If you're used to an all-you-can-eat buffet when it comes to online video streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, it looks as though those days are slowly coming to an end.

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By KOOLTIME on 3/16/2011 4:54:34 PM , Rating: 2
And its fool network techs that think companies imposing these actions is also the right thing to do.

1. Selling something to a person which these customers PAY FOR <<< Note they pay for a internet that every one is told you have X upload speed and Y download speed for Z monthly dollars is a typical contract.

In no place in any residential contract does it stipulate an data capacity limit ???

So for the ISP selling a unlimited line to customers, then asking them to pay a fee or fine to those that happen to use more then others is simply wrong.

Clearly the IPS's are at fault here and this shows they abuse customers for their business mistakes.

When you buy a cell phone you are sold monthly minutes, we understand the limits of such, sure.

Sold it upfront with a data cap, then yes the enduser is at fault and will be aware fees are due, but adding that after you sold them services is breach of contract, since no such words were told when they installed the service to such persons homes upfront. So a person fully ustilizing a line which no limitations where ever implied or signed for on the contract, is wrong of ISP's to do this, its breach of ocntract and illegal. But most endusers cant afford to legally go up agaisnt big companies so, in the end they will get stuck paying for it even though they dont deserve deserve to have their contract changed without consent.

Now the consumer is forced to quit or pay more, and the long run the businesses know they will win over time since this is the only recourse most have. They move on, and a new ISP will only give em a new contract with such fees up front, so they cant hold their original contract in place. Users will be forced one way or another to pay more regardless of usage terms originally agreed upon.

ISP's will just cancel them, then if they try to get service they will be subjected to new contract, since the original no limit contract got cancelled. The IPS will make the contract change to a person weather they like it or not. Every legal loop hole in the book will be abused by them to enforce new fees for their services, upon changing contract rules as they want to, the consumer is helpless upon big corporations enforcing contract rule changes without agreement. The big corps 99.99% always win and get there way one way or another in these cases.

They will just cancel the person, then the home user has zero recurse of action for when the IPS breaches its original contract, by selling them the unlimited line in the 1st place. Thats the ISP's fault not a person whom downloads alot all day, as they sold them the unlimited line t begin with, if they dont like it being fully utilized then they should never have sold it as such up front.

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