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Newly created carbon nanotube phase change memory sounds attractive, but it is much more expensive than traditional semiconductor-based phase-change memory. While it offers large energy efficiency gains, memory is typically a minimal part of power consumption on modern mobile devices.  (Source: Eric Pop, University of Illinois)
The root problem remains the power draw of the display

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By bh192012 on 3/14/2011 12:59:31 PM , Rating: 2
Your comment that the power savings comment is ridiculous is pointless.

His commnet about speed increase does seem baseless, I see nothing in the abstract that mentions ANY speed increase.

He doesn't mention anything about giving up, what you did there is called a strawman argument.

P.S. wake me up when they start producing something. I've seen 192012 articles on carbon nanotube this and that, and have seen zero actual products. I'm not saying give up, so don't put those words into my mouth. I'm saying, you haven't made much progress until you can usefully make something.

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