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The Prius V will arrive in the U.S. this summer.

A production version of the Prius C will arrive next year.
Hybrids will be in more countries with new models by 2012

Toyota is generally the name that most consumers think of when talking hybrid cars. The company’s Prius is the most popular hybrid vehicle in the world. Toyota also provides its hybrid technology to other carmakers as well (Nissan Altima Hybrid).

Toyota has announced that is sales of hybrid vehicles have hit a new landmark -- it has now sold 3 million hybrid cars globally. The 3 million mark was hit on February 28, 2011. Toyota put its first hybrid, the Coaster Hybrid EV, on the Japanese market in 1997; it was closely followed by the launch of the first generation Prius. The Prius then made its way to North America and Europe in 2000.

Counting the Lexus brand, Toyota currently has 16 hybrid vehicles that are available in roughly 80 different countries and regions around the globe (three of those hybrids are commercial vehicles offered in Japan). Toyota also notes that ten new hybrid vehicles are due by the end of 2012 with six being new launches and four being new designs of existing vehicles. Toyota will also be offering the hybrids in new countries and regions as well.

Toyota says that its calculations show that the hybrid fleet it sells has kept 18 million tons of CO2 from being put into the atmosphere compared to the same number of traditional vehicles on the road. Toyota cites the 3 millions sales mark as evidence that the hybrid is going mainstream.

Toyota announced in August of 2009 that is had sold a million hybrid vehicles in Japan alone. 

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By Pirks on 3/10/2011 10:21:25 AM , Rating: 1
few people want a 5-speed manual car
That's an old urban legend about manual tranny being "more efficient" than automatic one. Case in point: Ford Fiesta DCT automatic tranny is MORE EFFICIENT fuel economy wise than the manual one.

0-60 in 10 seconds is also an urban legend, saying that people MUST BE foot heavy. The amount of drivers who _really_ want and need uberfast speed monsters is infinitely small, for most city and highway driving 0-60 in 10 is more than enough.

I say automakers are just too dumb to realize that those small cars with super efficient DCT _automatic_ trannies (MORE EFFICIENT than manual ones, see Ford Fiesta example again please), stellar fuel economy of 50+ mpg and 0-60 in 10 would be in great demand, if they are as cheap as Yaris. Only a few people with bigger pockets would waste their money on gas guzzlers like Mustang or Camaro, to zip between red traffic lights a FULL SECOND faster than all the other drivers, woohoo! I say let auto industry feed these idiots with a few expensive fuel inefficient models, but please make fuel efficient DCT equipped 50+ mpg Yaris-alikes for the smarter rest of us. What's the problem with that?

By Spuke on 3/10/2011 12:12:40 PM , Rating: 2
0-60 in 10 seconds is also an urban legend, saying that people MUST BE foot heavy. The amount of drivers who _really_ want and need uberfast speed monsters is infinitely small, for most city and highway driving 0-60 in 10 is more than enough.
So anyone that drives a car with a 0-60 of faster than 10 seconds is a speed monster?

1. 0-60 is meaningless, no one cares, not even in the US.
2. Americans (I assume that's whom we're discussing) want a decently accelerating car. There's no hard fast number it's just a feeling. Given the lack of painfully slow cars on the US market, one could make a correlation to 0-60 times to see what rate of acceleration is acceptable here BUT the number is meaningless and if you ask someone normal (ie not us nerds), they'll tell you so.
3. Americans like room, we have wide open freeways, larger homes (cause they're cheap...can anyone in the EU get a 3000 sq ft house on an acre for $150,000 USD....didn't think so), wide open cities (NYC and the northeast is an exception but they're old so they're forgiven), we have larger families, 50% of the population lives outside urban centers so it makes sense that we pick larger vehicles. Also our cars are multi-purpose, we don't believe in paying a ton of money for something that only does one thing.
4. If you haven't been where I've been, how can you know where I'm coming from? Ya dig?
5. Until you understand number 4, your comments will be considered ignorant at best and based on your average comment rating, others obviously agree.

By cruisin3style on 3/10/2011 6:29:14 PM , Rating: 3


Old urban legend?? How about: until very recently, and only when utilizing new/refined technology, has it not been 100% true that a manual gearbox gets better fuel economy than an automatic with everything else being equal.

Please just...never post anything about cars again

"And boy have we patented it!" -- Steve Jobs, Macworld 2007
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