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Offers 20-percent discount on USB-stick data when paired with a voice plan

There is good news for T-Mobile customers who want more options with their webConnect USB laptop sticks: the carrier is rolling out new data plans beginning March 13.

According to TmoNews, T-Mobile will introduce a monthly 10GB plan for $79.99, doubling its previous allotted monthly data amount. The 5GB plan will still be offered at a price of $49.99. The low-usage 200MB plan will remain at $29.99 per month.

Another positive change along with the new plans is the ability to pool voice and data plans on the same account. In the past, webConnect sticks were required to be on a separate account and billed separately. The new move will eliminate the need to for customers who have both voice and data plans to pay two bills. It will also give voice customers 20 percent off their webConnect plans when paired together, making the 10GB just $63.99, the 5GB plan $39.99, and the 200MB plan $23.99.

Here's the catch; when comparing non-discount prices, Verizon offers a 10GB plan for $79.99 and a 5GB plan for $49.99 for high-speed 4G LTE data

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By chunkymonster on 3/8/2011 10:45:33 AM , Rating: 2
About time they consolidated billing for voice/data. T-Mobile is releasing this plan in anticipation of the LG G-Slate anticipated to be for sale on 3/23.

10GB is a lot of data for a MID or smartphone. You can stream around 2-3 hours of music and SD video a day, web surf, and email/text and use just under 10GB in a month.

This may open the door for actually using a Galaxy Tab or LG G-Slate as a cell phone like the rest of the world can. I would gladly sign up for a 2 year unlimited data/voice plan if I could actually use a US carrier branded Galaxy Tab, Xoom, or G-Slate as a cell phone.

Sure you could buy a EU version or flash an American tablet with the european ROM to enable phone functionality but why should the American consumer take a chance of voiding their contract and/or device warranty because American carriers are greedy.

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