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Sony Vaio S  (Source: Sony)

Vaio S sheet battery  (Source: Sony)
Notebook has new optional sheet battery to double run time

Sony today announced its new S-series notebook that is a 13.3” (1366 x 768) thin and light machine with a "sheet battery" option.

The notebook can be pre-ordered right now on the Sony Style store starting at $969.99. The notebook can be customized with CPUs up to the second-generation Core i7 and it can be fitted with hybrid graphics with 1GB of dedicated memory (AMD Radeon HD 6630M). The new S-series notebook is just under an inch thick and weighs 3.8 pounds. 

The trackpad on the S notebook is larger than on other Vaio offerings and the machine can be optioned with Blu-ray. It has a USB 3.0 port for fast connectivity with external storage and other gear. The case of the notebook is made from magnesium for strength and lightness, and the machine is compatible with Intel Wireless Display.

One of the more interesting features of the notebook is that the machine is launching with an extended “sheet battery” accessory that will sell for about $150. The sheet battery connects to the bottom of the notebook and can provide more power to the user without them having to power down to switch batteries.

Sony claims that the sheet battery doubles the runtime of the computer (up to 15 hours). When attached the external sheet battery will be used before the computer starts to use its internal battery. The internal has a claimed battery life of 7.5 hours per charge.

The notebook can be purchased in black or white colors and has up to 750GB of storage.

“We continue to raise the bar when it comes to the mobile computing experience,” said Mike Lucas, senior vice president of Networked and Technologies and Services Division at Sony Electronics. “The VAIO S Series laptop makes no compromises by offering the ultimate, full-featured ultra-mobile PC.”

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RE: Meh...
By Dug on 3/7/2011 11:45:55 AM , Rating: 5
It actually looks good? I don't see anyone else with an ATI 6630, Core i7, under an inch thick, 3.8lbs.
There's a few with Intel graphics, but they don't look very nice.

Very clean bezel and frame is rare from any company.

RE: Meh...
By tayb on 3/7/2011 2:50:15 PM , Rating: 3
Speak for yourself. Its$ 999 before you upgrade to the i7 and AMD graphics territory which is sure to run you a few hundred extra dollars. At that point I am in MacBook Pro territory and if I'm going to spend that much on an overpriced machine I'll just get the MacBook Pro.

Not to mention its ugly as hell, port selection sucks, it looks like it is made of cheap ass plastic, and the screen is crap.

Sony is trying to be the Apple of the Windows world except the only thing different between them and say HP is their markup. At least Apple has nice designs and good battery life.

RE: Meh...
By nafhan on 3/7/2011 5:08:38 PM , Rating: 2
A MBP with similar specs doesn't exist. You have to move up to a 15" at a cost of at least $1800 before you can get a discrete GPU in a MBP (Sandy Bridge GPU in MBP 13" is great for integrated, but not in the same ballpark as a 6630).

Apple accepts that there are certain user segments that are not going to be met by there product lines.

RE: Meh...
By T2k on 3/7/2011 5:48:54 PM , Rating: 1
You meant the Macbook Pro is ugly as hell, right?

Sony Vaios look 100x better than those ugly, dumbo-designed Macbooks - they boldly show the classic "fat-fingered" American design approach...

Also it's $1300-1400 with Windows 7 Pro x64, 500GB HDD and switchable hybrid VGA system with an ACTUALLY USEFUL Radeon as opposed to the 256m egs JUNK Apple dares to sell you for $2k...

...Mactards are always Mactards, that's the truth.

RE: Meh...
By tayb on 3/7/2011 8:11:04 PM , Rating: 2
100x better. Really? Thanks for showing yourself as an idiotic fanboy in your second sentence. That way I didn't have to finish reading whatever other nonsense you had to say.

RE: Meh...
By spread on 3/8/2011 12:35:16 PM , Rating: 2
I agree. The Macbook is a nicer built laptop. Unfortunately it won't run Windows 7 properly thanks to Apple's gimped power management drivers.

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