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S3 has released its S27 Chrome graphics cards with MultiChrome enabled allowing two S27s to act as one

S3 is entering the multi graphics card arena with the introduction of it MultiChrome technology. When two Chrome S27 cards are paired together across dual PCIe 16x channels MultiChrome allows the cards to act as one.

The S27 GPU operates at 700 MHz with either 128MB or 256MB of onboard GDDR 3 also running at 700MHz. The S27 is DirectX 9 capable and features 4 vertex shaders and 8 pixel shaders. The S27 supports shader model 2.0 putting it a little behind the curve in terms of its low cost competitors from nVidia and ATI.

What makes this set up impressive is the price, the S27 will run you $77 for the 128MB version and $99 for the 256MB model, giving you a pretty impressive low cost graphics solution. The Tech Report puts the MultiChrome S27 through its paces in a recent review with mixed results.

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